Friday, July 23, 2010

New furniture :)

Little K's room is now beginning to look like a babies room! After over a week of organizing and gutting little one's room, we have made our first purchaes! Our babies room now consists of a crib, changing table and a glider rocker! Yes, I know sweet little one won't make his/her apperance for another 5 months, but my sweet husband just couldn't wait to set everything up (he is such a proud dad!). Now let the decorating begin :)
Our sweet pups havn't made the blog lately so I though I would include them in the picture. They too are excited about the new room. It's an adjustment for Trig because this used to be his room, but his first night in his new room went very well :)

Packing has begun! Yep that is right, after over a year of planning our trip to Kaui, we leave on Monday! The only part I'm not looking forward to is saying goodbye to Gunner & Trigger. This will be the longest we've ever been apart. I know they are going to have so much fun at their friend's house, I just wish they could come with us. The itinerary for the week is:
Night one: In a hotel
Night 3&4: Backpacking the Napali Coast
Nights 5-11: Lounging in our cottage
I can't think of a better way to celebrate 5 years of being married, a thank you to Mike for loving me through nursing school & a last horrah before Little K comes! Below is a picture of one of our camp sites on the Napali Coast!

Monday, July 19, 2010

15 weeks & 5 days

We got to hear a sweet little sound today that has quickly become mine & Mike's most favorite noises.....Little K's heartbeat! We had our 15 week appointment and sweet little K (even though may be giving us a run for our money) is healthy and perfect as can be, praise the Lord! I say giving us a run for our money because for a good minute maybe (probably only for a couple seconds but it felt like forever!) Dr. Craig couldn't find the heartbeat. As the seconds passed I began to go into a silent panic. The problem here is me knowing too much about what is going on because Mike hadn't put any of the situation together. Dr. then said in a very calm way, "Well I think we will get an ultrasound on you." Mike was thinking "great, I love seeing my baby," as tears began coming down my eye's I guess I gave Mike a total look of horror then he put it all together. Finally though, Little K came out of hiding and gave us a long, strong 160 beats/minute heart rate! At that moment I may have learned one of my first of many parenting moments, I have to place this little one in the hands of the Lord. I have to just simply trust Him and continue to have complete faith in Him knowing that Little K is ultimately His and also He will sustain us through any situation. We do have such a great and powerful Father who is so quick to take us in His arms, speak some wisdom into us and then continue to  pour His love out onto us! Thank you Lord!

Second trimester seems a lot more enjoyable than the first trimester. I'm beginning to slowly eat foods that a few weeks ago have made me sick, I have a bit more energy and eating as a whole has taken on a whole new meaning. I feel we may need to take out a loan for food solely for me because I keep eating! In fact, two weeks ago during nursing orientation another nurse thought I was a diabetic the first half of the day because of all that I consumed, nope it's just a baby I told her :)

I'll leave you with a 15 week pic of me. You still have to look very closely to see anything, but I promise Little K is alive and well in this belly of mine :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

my famous saying as of lately :)

Every week Mike & I get updates on sweet Little K's growth & development. At the end is always a funny cartoon picture. This weeks cracks me up because I have to admit I say it at least 3 times a day (mostly to Mike). I did find myself doing this daily when we went to Iowa with my family 4 weeks ago which would put me at 10 weeks along! But really, I stand in front of Mike with my shirt up pointing out what I think to be this huge bowling ball in my tummy. He very lovingly smiles and says, "Yes, I seem, but don't be disappointed if others don't." Oh my dear husband :)
Today Little K is 14 weeks old and the size of a lemon (3.5' long!)! Little one is making facial expressions and kidneys are producing urine (maybe not so good for the mom who already goes to the bathroom every 20 minutes!) Oh how we love this baby of ours!! And little side far at our church Little K will be in the nursery with 6 other babies all whom are born within about 4 weeks of each other! A set of triplets, set of twins, a single and then ours! So...if your in the 'Ville anytime soon...stay away from the water! This pregnancy thing is spreading ;)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We survived youth camp with only a few cuts, welts and scars (all Mike of course, not only was I being careful but all 150 other campers that were around me thought I was fragile). I think we have almost caught up on our sleep. It was a great week and the Lord just continues to do some great and awesome things in the hearts of our teens! We love watching them figure out who they are as teenagers and who they are in the Lord. I love our job!

My first official day as an RN has been completed! I wish I had some heroic story to share, but day was boring! Hospital orientation is never real fun. We watched lots of videos (yes, I said videos not DVD's. I haven't seen a video tape for years!) This will go on through Friday then I begin on my labor & delivery floor next week! The most exciting thing that happened today was getting my new name badge! I love looking at it and thought you might enjoy it also :)

And per some requests here is a pic of my 13 week belly. I'm continuing to feel better & better. I've started to notice if I'm going to feel icky during the day it's usually going to hit around evening time. My belly grew 1/2 an inch last week also! Crazy! I just have no clue where this baby is going to fit. I can already notice my insides morphing together and there is just no room in there. shall be interesting........