Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Easter Bunny and the farmer carring her pumpkin :) (Yes, thats really the farmers belly!!)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello 3rd trimester!

With the beginning of the 3rd trimester last week, Mike and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate then with making an appointment to get 4D ultrasound pics of sweet little K! Today was the anticipated day, and for great reason because we (and Meghan) got to see Baby K's little intricate details! First I'll include my belly at 28 weeks. I feel as if I grow by the day :)

Now for the good stuff! Our sweet baby! A little disclaimer, but also a praise. Supposedly the tech didn't think these pics were as great as they should be, so....she is letting us come back next week for round 2 with no charge!! How fun is that!! Honestly we thought the pics were great, but we are not ones to argue for seeing him again :)

His right hand was pretty much over his face the entire time, but how sweet. He does look nice and cozy :)

Side view. Gosh! I just want so badly to squeeze those cheeks and smother him with kisses!!

We think he's flexing and showing off where his muscles will be someday :)

Kinda a creepy pic of his face, but a great one of his hand. 1,2,3,4,5 fingers are present with a little thumbs up. We think he really likes us looking at him :)

Thank you Lord for knitting together such a perfect boy! You are beyond worthy of all our praise!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shower fun :)

This last Sunday the church had a shower for Little K. It was filled with so many of my favorite ladies, so many laughs and such great cheesecake! :) Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for everyone who was involved in planning!!!!

Today is officially the last day of my 2nd trimester, I enter into the 3rd and last tomorrow! I'm so excited everyday that everyday that goes by is a tiny bit closer to being able to hold our sweet little boy! New developments in this last week have been:
  • His sweet little kicks are a thing of the past. His kick are now saying, "Move this bone out of my way, well okay your not...then I'm just going to keep kicking." Or he shoves his away around with little pauses of relief :)
  • Slowly the comfort of sleeping is slipping away. My hips have been in a bit of pain lately. I'm bringing pillows to bed tonight and then if all else fails, the recliner will be brought back to our room.
  • Mike and I continue to watch my belly, and Mike has been laying his head on it and our sweet son will give him a whack in his face :) This continues to be the ultimate highlight of pregnancy, how amazed we are and how entertained we can be with simply watching and feeling him move.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Room makeover

We've been these last few days starting and completing Little K's room! Our "adopted" grandparents, Carol & Richard, came down from Iowa for a visit and a with a clear mission to complete his room. We felt like we were on a Trading Spaces TV show with how quick we worked. But the nursery looks absolutely perfect! Of course we still need to add nick knack things to it and add a baby, but the main part of it is done :)

Richard was in charge of loving the pups and he ran lots of errands grabbing things we were forgetting.

Carol was the main "commander", all ideas went through her :) Her main projects involved her sewing machine. She re-covered the glider cushions, made a valence from a bumper, hung the quilt and hemmed some pants for me.
Mike did lots of the painting, sanding and hanging. Meghan painted letters and prepped the room for painting.

We wore out Gunner & Trigger :) Such sweet pups!

I focused on meals, baking pumpkin cookies, eating pumpkin cookies, taking out stitches, ironing curtains and a great job at falling asleep :)

Now I invite you to Little K's room:

We love this monkey theme as we feel like I have a little monkey in me :) Mike & I were so excited to wake up this morning to go look at his room. I promise you it looked more adorable this morning than it did before we went to bed last night and it just keeps getting more precious my the minute!
Sweet baby is 27 weeks old (just under 7 months). Next Thursday I will enter the third trimester! He is about 14 inches long and weighs right around 2 pounds! Last week I began to feel his weight I'm carring. Thankfully sleeping is still comfortable it's just moving that's a bit tricky. It's always nice when someone is around to give me a boost up or grab my hand to pull me up when I'm on the floor. The teens continue to be amazed at how he is growing and just love to feel his little kicks. I have recently taken on a strong liking to Tums as I have figured out what heart burn/indigestion feel like. Tomorrow afternoon the church is throwing a baby shower and of course that will just be such a great time! That's kinda all for now, the best way to sum this up is to say that life is good and we are blessed!