Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Saturday

Brody loves watching his daddy mow the lawn. These pics from this morning were too cute not to post. And just a fun little brag...our Saturday started of GREAT with a little boy who slept till 9 am!! An extra hour of sleep, yes please :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lots of fun things have been happening this last week.
 First, here is a picture (a week behind) of my 31 week belly. I have reached the "I'm tired of being pregnant phase". Every morning their is always a pep talk between me and the Lord that I can do this as I chase around a sweet, all boy rambunctious 16 1/2 month old. Just a few more weeks.....We can do this :)
 My brother Adam, last guy on the right, graduated over the weekend. What a fun celebration. My mom came down along with some old childhood friends (because their son also graduated, guy in the middle) for the celebration. Mike and I had a blast being able to open our home to friends/family from Iowa!
 I love being a mom! I love that this was my 2nd Mother's Day! I love my son and I love my daughter!! When B woke up Sunday morning there were 2 envelopes in his crib with him (oh mercy, did Mike take a chance on that one!) I looked at B and said, "What are those?" He grabbed them both handed me one and opened the other. His gift to me, a sweet card and pedicure!!! :)
 Mike and I were sitting on the couch together and I guess Brody felt a bit left out. He crawled right on up and slithered his little self right between us :)
 B is talking all the time, his language of course! He does say please, momma (sometimes), daddy, doggies, cookies (priorities I tell ya), and signs drink and more.
Auntie Meghan moved in over the weekend also for the summer! We've been getting spoiled already having an extra hand around :) She bring so much comfort having her in the house, especially closer and closer to baby girls due date and ESPECIALLY when Mike goes to youth camp with me at 38 weeks pregnant! I'm really thinking he will be getting a call from us that week saying speed as you've never sped before to get home! Great to know though that Meghan is home so I wont be needing to show up to the hospital with the Brodster at my side.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sweet Girl

We had another ultrasound today and sweet girl continues to look right on track! Growing beautifully! Brod came with us and enjoyed eating his animal crackers while getting his first sights of his little sis. He would smile and giggle as he looked up at the screen as if he truly knew what he was looking at.

She for sure has taken on the name "wiggle worm" in my belly lately as she doesn't pound away (like B did) but just wiggles and morphs my belly into the strangest figures :) The other night she was moving and I was able to grab a foot and a leg. Kinda creepy but kinda cool! I have also begun contracting. Nothing big or worrisome, but something I definitely didn't feel with B. This body of mine is just remembering what to do (it shouldn't have forgotten though, it was only last year that it birthed it's first kid!) :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Way to go daddy!

Brody and I are so honored to announce to all that Mike has officially completed his masters degree! Out of the the few years of hard work and locking himself away to get homework completed, he has accomplished this goal!! Way to go babe, we are so proud of you :)
Mike painted Baby Aubrie's room last weekend. It looks great! A very light shade of green that my aunt picked out for us that we will highlight with pink and brown throughout her room. It's beginning to look girlie!
 Brod is a natural born "helper" especially when it's with his best friend, daddy!
Little to say painting was done during nap times :)
We love Nutella around here. We love eating it by the spoonful or simply on a banana. B loves it ALL over his face :)
On a quick side note. We've always said Brod is a climber. He climbs EVERYTHING! Everything from the doggies to the window sills to the kitchen cabinets (which really there is nothing to climb but he finds something). Recently he was in his pack n play having some alone time. He really wasn't enjoying that alone time but his 20 minutes wasn't up yet. Mike and I were in our living room talking when lo and behold we have a 16 month old walk straight into our room joining our conversation with the most devious look on his face! Our little monkey climbed out! Praise Jesus he didn't hurt himself, but oh my word! He is 100% his daddy's child! How I do take great delight in knowing that the Lord surrounds us with His angles, thank you Father!