Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Road trip

We took our first road trip and visit home with the B man this last weekend!  We figured this was the first trip and the next 5 months a trip is scheduled  monthly and so B had no choice but to like it ;) He did GREAT! We were so proud of the 8 hours he put up with hanging out in his car seat. The way to Iowa it took us 10 hours and the way home 8.5 hours (we're not sure how we did such great time the way home). Meghan came with us so it was great that we always had someone sitting by him which I think helped a lot! We discovered traveling with a baby is kinda relaxing. When it was just Mike and I we tried to get to our destination as quick as we could. There was no stopping unless we ABSOLUTELY needed to. And now, we stop for meals and even eat in the restaurant! We walk around and even play! I kinda like this new road trip life :)

Anytime we stopped was some major play time for Brody. There were HUGE smiles anytime he was out of his car seat.
There was lots of family who haven't met B yet. They ate him up. By the end of the trip Mike and I were missing our boy because he was always with someone and not us. I selfishly loved that I had to hold him 4 times a day to nurse :) We started to place B in the middle of our table when we are eating at a restaurant. He loves it. Well he was only in the middle of this table for a very short while because there were very eager hands to snatch him up!
B loved meeting his grandma!
I couldn't wait for B to meet his great grandma and grandpa!

Brody has a fussy time between 8-9 pm every night! We were truly on vacation this hour because thankfully Grandpa missed his grandson so much he gladly took this shift :) He discovered B likes the piano and enjoyed playing it.

We had such a fun time showing off our boy! He definitely was a hit :) We are so proud of him how great he did during the whole trip. This puts our minds at ease a lot for the next few months of traveling. On the agenda is California in May, youth camp in June, family camp in July, and vacation to Colorado Springs in August!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Three months.....really???

Oh our sweet Brodster! How in the world are you three months already? We feel like we've known you forever but yet it's only been a few short weeks. It's amazing how quick you are growing and developing into such a perfect little man the Lord is creating. Each day we both wake up somehow more in love you then the day before. I say "somehow" because we go to bed saying "there is just no way we can love you anymore because our hearts are so filled!" Again how true God is when He says, "Blessed is the one with children." (my own translation of course). So true!!! We are so blessed to have you in our lives! Our hearts are busting at the seams with love for you sweet B :)

At three months:
  • You love sucking on your fists, you sometimes take your soothie but definitely prefer your hand
  • You love watching TV. Sometimes we use it as our last resort when your crying and we have no more tricks left to try to calm you
  • You love your mobile friends that hang above your head in your crib. You spend alone time with them once a day chatting it up :)
  • You are still not a fan of tummy time
  • You are a great talker and love to make noises
  • You love to smile, you melt our hearts every time :)
  • You are nursing every 4 hours during the day
  • Your bedtime feeding is at 9 pm, after eating and some singing your asleep by 9:30. Most of the time you sleep then till 8 am!! Sometimes you wake up at 6 am for a quick feeding then back to bed. This only happens once or twice a week though.
  • After a feeding your awake for two hours and then sleep for two hours
  • Your favorite song is "I'm in the Lord's Army". It's a guarantee when we want you to smile, so funny!
  • You recognize your mommy and daddy and can spot us from across the room
  • You just started to make purposeful movements with your hands and are able to grab objects
We love you sweet boy!!