Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lots of extra snuggles and kisses have been given out lately here at the Kaelber home. I've added some super cute pictures to this blog for some good lightheartedness and smiles :)

 We went Christmas light gazing and oh sister did the Sister love it :)
 The brother loved it also :) This was his favorite a lit up train. He even kept making the "cho,cho" noise :)
 Super cute picture right? Would you believe me if I told you B was pooping? Well he was and it was really funny :)
My sweet, sweet Christmas Santa :) Out colors matched so that of course meant we needed a picture. Mike and I have been having a blast teaching our kiddos about Jesus and Santa. We are super excited that we have decided that our kids will get the magical experience of believing in Santa as children. I've been sharing so many of my childhood memories with Mike about growing up and believing in Santa and it's just a great way of teaching B and A about caring and generosity. Of course Jesus is the absolute reason for celebrating Christmas and we will never downgrade that, but it does sadden me a bit that Mike never got the opportunity to believe in Santa. I realize I'm on a soapbox here, but for goodness sake give the kids Santa! Oh the excitement of Christmas Eve night, checking the computer to see where Santa is, leaving out cookies and carrots for the "night time" guests and sneaking out of my room SO early in the morning to see if Santa had come :) I can't wait for our kids to live that excitement also :)
 Aubrie really isn't sitting yet, she's just positioned perfectly to look like she is :) Pretty cute though ;)
 Gunner kinda likes the girl. Both pups are just super annoyed with us, I think, for adding another child to the house. Can't blame them, they used to be the children.
Brody got some Cars stickers and stuck them all over his sister, again SUPER cute :)

I pray your heart has been lifted up a bit. A verse that keeps going through my mind is Matthew 16:33 "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and I take such comfort in knowing that He holds it all in the palm of His hands. He doesn't cause evil to happen, He has given us the ability to choose our actions, to know right from wrong. Jesus has overcome the world and when we believe in Him we will know the peace that is found in only Him. Oh goodness do you know Him? Do you have a relationship with Him? If some awful tragedy were to happen tomorrow to you do you know where you would go? Please know Him, please know Him, please know Him!! It's the best decision I've ever made. Talk to a pastor, call me, talk to a friend that you know has a relationship with Christ, just please know His peace. I pray that this Christmas Season you will truly know and understand why it is you celebrate.

Monday, December 3, 2012

 Little Miss is giving us a run for our money at night. The chicha is thinking she has to be awake in the middle of it. I think we will make more of a point to make sure she eats her rice cereal before bed in case it's a hunger issue. I weirdly do enjoy my time with her in the night when I feed her. The house so quiet I get to hear her sweet noises, and it's just us two. However, this night thing needs to be nipped in the bottom, it's making for one tired momma. So here's to another night of CIO (crying it out). I know when she is crying in the night that angels are surrounding and comforting her because I'm asking Jesus to send them to her :) We will teach her this "art" of sleeping all night. 
In the picture above B had ripped A's bow off her head and is replacing it, oh brother how this brother wants to take care of his little sis.
 Mike and Brody made up a new game called burrito flip (kinda cool name, I just made that up). B gets rolled up like a burrito while then Mike quickly unrolls him flying him halfway across the room! I did put the kabosh on the game last night as I felt it was getting too rough when Mike reminded me that I worked all weekend and I have no clue what all went on ;)
 Our newest addition got to meet Santa while our first born re-visited Santa. I'm glad to say there were no tears with this meeting/visit. Aubrie didn't take her eye's off me as and B didn't take his eye's off Mike. Neither of them were true fans.
 Brod kept his arms stretched out the entire time quietly protesting the visit, really wanting nothing to do with this crazy looking man. The mission was accomplished though, a great picture with fun memories :)
No worries that The B Man was traumatized, he was happy once we got home :)
As was the A girl :) Her outfit it pretty ridiculous, but oh my SOOOOOOOOO stinkin cute :)