Saturday, May 31, 2014

 Life has been crazy busy lately! We keep saying to each other, "In a week, it will all calm down" but the week goes by and there has been no calming down in site.  Hmmm.....maybe it's the new normal. Goodness, I hope not!
 The kids are super cute though! I'm not sure what got into them that they all wanted to take these cute brother and sister pics. They were just perfect, strange!!
 My kids really like not wearing clothes.
 Our sweet Parks man is 3 months old and weighing in at close to 15 pounds!! Oh my does he like his milk! Never once did we ever go over 6 oz of milk in B or A's bottles. Well right now we are at 8 oz of milk for Parker! I feel like a cow, P pretty much looks like one ;)
 Sweet sis LOVES giving love! She kisses me, daddy and Parker ALL THE TIME :) She would her big brother, but he wont let her near with those puckered lips ;)
These are Brody's friends at church. Oh my these boys! This was taken right before they went out on stage to sing at church. This is where the innocence ends though. Brody and his friend, Nolan (right of picture) stood on stage and instead of singing were yelling, "Poopy!!!" Yep, that's my son!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

 I just realized I started blogging about Easter awhile back and never posted it!! Opps! :)

The day we drove back from Florida we went to our church's Easter Egg Hunt. I'm not sure what we were thinking on thinking this would be fun. We drove in that day at 2:00 am, slept for 4 hours before the kids woke up and then went to the egg hunt. We were SO tired to say the least, and on top of that we had to talk to people. Oh mercy! We laugh now at how ridiculous our thinking was ;)

Parks slept through the entire hunt!
Brody and Aubrie really only cared about finding one egg and then wanted to play on the playground. The excitement was over within 5 minutes.
They were really cute though!

I read another persons blog the other day that was about before having kids we always dreamt about how fun things would be when we had kids (does that make sense??) i.e. Easter Egg hunts. We spent more time getting out the door than the actual activity ;) It was a good excuse to get out of the house and enjoy the nice weather if nothing else! Something we did realize Easter weekend was the kids don't care (yet) about the candy in the eggs. We did another Easter Egg hunt at our friends home and didn't want to take the energy to stuff the eggs so we just hid them empty! The kids still thought it was great! I hope we never outgrow that thinking!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


I'm thrilled to pieces to announce that I have started selling a skin care line called Rodan+Fields! My great friend Emily has been using and selling it for a year now and I have watched her skin and complexion transform! I've been using it now for 3 weeks and for the first time ever Mike looked at me during breakfast today and said, "Your complexion looks great! I can really notice a difference sense you began using Rodan+Fields." What!? My husband said that. My husband, whom I love and adore but isn't too into details, actually said that! I'm pretty sure I'm holding my unwashed, spit up on self a little taller today!

So what is Rodan+Fields you ask? You might recognize their names from the makers of Proactive. They came out with a line for adults now. These products are clinically proven, award winning that were formerly #1 brand in Nordstrom! Even though I have been using their Unblemish products for my breakouts and post acne marks, they have 3 other regimens to fit different skin care annoyances. So if you have problems with your skins dullness, dark spots, loss of firmness, dryness or sensitivity give this stuff a try! 

Two reasons I initially tried it out were number 1, I was tired of being 30 years old and having breakouts and number 2, it's all backed up with a 60 day money back guarantee! I then began selling it not only because I love it (I really truly do!) but also because the extra money is going to help "pad" our family come June while Mike resigns and focuses on his doctorate. If your even the least bit interested visit my website . Once there you can check out the products and even take a Solution Tool to see what would be recommended for your skin type. You can order on your own from the website but I would love for you to contact me so I can give you 10% off and free shipping! This is going to be so fun because I really do believe in this stuff!