Sunday, November 24, 2013

I downloaded pictures from my phone. I realized I have a ton! Brace yourself, lots of pictures ahead. I do know you grandmas will love this post!! :)
This may be one of my favorite pictures. This how the kiddos love to play. Aubs is always in the drivers seat, Brody in the passengers. Brody is quick to inform Aubrie where she is driving him to ;) On this day Aubs was taking B to the bank and then the library. How much I love this picture, I fear the reality of the picture. I fear I will wake up tomorrow morning and they will be teenagers really truly driving.
 Way back to Halloween. Our children transformed into a monkey and flower. Our church does a little carnival thing and this year Brody came alive with all the fun games he got to play. Best part, he figured out quickly, after each game he got more candy ;)
 My little flower only wanted to drink up the water. She could have cared less about choosing those ducks, she just wanted that water :)
My heart just melts! And to think next year one more little critter will be added!!! :)
A beautiful fall walk with a great tunnel. Lots a echoes could be heard from in here :)

After Halloween, with all our candy, Aubrie was introduced to suckers. She loves suckers :) We are really excited to see how entertained this sugar on a stick keep her when we travel to Iowa this week ;)

Is this just the happiest little girl you've ever seen :)
A fall walk with friends....yes please!
We actually had craft time!!! Say what??!! I'm not crafty, so this was a huge deal. Leaves and crayons melted into wax paper. We had so much fun.

Aubries newest thing, shoes. She has to always have them in her hands or attempting to put them on her feet. She doesn't care if they match or even are the same shoe ;)

Big afternoon in the life of this Brod Boy! He saw his first movie, Planes! He was memorized the entire 90 minutes.
At first Mike and I thought he was entertained because of the yummy popcorn. I got nervous when the bag was nearing empty. With Brody's last bite he handed Mike and bag and said, "It's all gone" and was back to watching the movie.
Mike and I celebrated our 8th year wedding anniversary last week! It seems impossible to say 8 years! We had a blast going to Tulsa and staying at the Hyatt. Even better we were upgraded to the Presidential Suite!!! This room was bigger then our house! The bathroom was my favorite part! Perfect bath tub and beautiful relaxing shower. I would have been content with saying in there the whole time, really! Above I'm 27 weeks :)

You know your living the life when there are bath robes in your room! :)
Aubrie has a baby doll, Baby Anna. We've been using Baby Anna to introduce Aubs to what it might be like when baby brother comes along. She's gotten the feeding thing down pat :) She picked up on this little mommy thing without even being taught :)

Yes, pretty adorable. This is Aubrie's friend Adele. They were found holding hands while talking a walk together :)

My birthday was the other day. The day was great and lots of fun. This was my favorite moment. My family caring out a present. They were just adorable their teamwork ;)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We had a big box in our home. The kids loved pretending it was their tiny "home." It was really cute. The box met the garbage when B decided to lock his little sister in it, not cute at all!

Often times I feel like I'm posting so many pictures of Aubrie. Well Aubrie smiles and acts all diva for the camera. When the camera is out for Brody he run away, hides his face, is pretty much just being a boy. Which I was shocked when he at least gave me a sweet wave for this picture :) It was just about bedtime so maybe he was a bit delusional ;)

So yep, here is a glimpse into the teenage years. This girlfriend loves to play with shoes and purses ;) She would find treasures around the house and put them in the purse. She has a purse her size but there is just something extra fun about momma's purse, right??

So really, she hears the camera click or hears someone say "smile" and this is what she does!
Our first leave pile of the season. This is the first time the kiddos really cared about it also! Well Brody liked it, Aubrie enjoyed observing from the sidelines.

This was Aubrie's version of jumping in the leaves, standing on the chair pretending to jump ;)

Brody thought it was the coolest thing to "hide" daddy.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

I used to really enjoy family pictures! The kiddos are at a age now that pictures are really and truly dreadful! Not even the greatest snacks (like fresh cookies!!) could make them smile!!! But our friend, Caroline, through her fantastic eye was still able to capture the beauty of our family.
This girl, I just can't get enough of!! The boots, she loves the boots. She puts them on and just owns them! She walks around as if she's getting ready to mount a horse. Hello, we have no rancher blood in us!
And then my son! Look at that smile that will melt your heart to a puddle!

And then these two! I was commenting to Mike that he really got some height with Brody here. He said, "I know" and then reminding me he has never dropped him. I quickly reminded him the second he dropped him would be the second he would no longer toss him in the air. 
I really like this picture because it captures the afternoon. B wanting nothing to do with sitting still, me saying anything and everything with every bribe imaginable to get him to sit, Aubs just gazing off in space having no desire to smile and then my husband....the one who smiles away with his pastor smile always looking good in every picture! Yea, it kinda bugs me how good he always looks in pictures ;)

Little boy was 24 weeks here :)

There you have it :) Next time you see this group together for family pictures like this we will be family of 5. Yahoo!!!