Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The afternoons have been really nice. The kids and I needed to run off some crazy energy. I really don't mean I had extra energy. I was in reality spent and exhausted and so was hoping the swings, the playground and the warm sun would keep my kiddos entertained as I just watched them. It worked! I've been pretty baffled lately how momma's have kid after kid after kid. I'm struggling to find any sort of energy to keep up with these two. My going saying continues to be, "At least they are cute" :)

Went down south to spend the weekend with the cousins! Ashlyn was such a great little mother to Aubrie :)

This may be one of my most favorite pictures. These 4 were in full motion all weekend to the point they are such a blur!

We spent Friday night with the cousins and Saturday morning Mike and I drove to Dallas to pick up our new van!! Yahoo!! I think we aged maybe 10 years in the course of getting this super adult vehicle but we are super excited! It's just practical for our soon to be family of 5! (Oh my, that's a crazy number!)

I got these last two pictures from our friend who watches the kiddos while I work. They were playing outside when Holly realized "hmmmm....Brody has been inside for awhile now" Went on a Brody search and found his cuddled up on a beanbag sound asleep :)

And this chica! Oh my she is just too beautiful!!
This picture was from a few weeks ago. Little boy is 24 weeks in my belly! He has just as much energy, if not more, then what Brody did in my belly! Aubs never really kicked or moved, but my boys do. Which makes us a bit nervous because Brody hasn't stopped moving sense ;) Brody even got to feel him kick! His eye's got huge and immediately said, "Hi, brother". It's just the greatest. I'm feeling pain like I've never felt before. I think my body is revolting against me. It's all a phase and soon baby amnesia will hit as soon as I see his sweet little face and it will have all been worth it :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Just some cute pictures today :)
So kinda humbling but our babysitter, Holly, knows how to do Aubrie's hair so much better then me! Here's the kicker, she has 4 boys and no girls! What?! How have I skipped the knowledge of the "art" of doing cute hair. I'm just trying to master a simple sprout. So needless to say those sweet pigtails are courtesy of Holly :) Maybe one day I will learn......

Yahoo!!! We have a full blown walker on our hands!! I really don't like the crawling phase, at all! I think it's dirty and ruins clothes so easy. So, we are just ecstatic that sweet girl is walking all over and with each day getting faster and faster :) 

And the boyfriend loves Aubrie walking also. Somehow he's really been able to view her more of a playmate lately. Good and bad. It's so much fun watching them play together! It brings me so much joy! Amazing though, how quickly fun can turn to whining, crying and screaming while they play together. Brody believes he can boss his sis around and Aubrie thinks everything B has she needs. Oh brother! It should only get more fun with number 3, right?? ;)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Refresh my heart oh Lord"

Our yearly trip away, just us two, finally came! For several years we've attended the National Youth Workers Convention in various parts of the country. The last year I've really pulled out of youth group. I just haven't figured out how to juggle my own children and teens at the same time and honestly, my heart in the phase of childrearing years, doesn't view the teens the same way I used to. This being said it took a lot of Mike convincing me to go to the convention with him because I felt like someone else involved with the youth should go in my place. Goodness, I'm so glad I went!! And also have I mentioned it was in San Diego?? :)

5 solid days of re-focusing on each other but also 5 solid days of being refreshed and just able to breath with Jesus. The Lord used some of the greatest speakers, some of the greatest worship leaders to convict, stretch and grow both of our hearts. I love these conferences! I LOVE them!! I'm surrounded by other pastors and their wives. I'm not in the limelight, NO ONE knows who I am. NO ONE is watching me. NO ONE needs anything from my husband and so this is really the one time all year we feel we can truly worship. Frankly I find myself sitting at my Savior's feet crying my eye's out during this conference because I'm just...tired. I'm tired of being a pastors wife and all the drama and politics that go into it. And so I found so much rest during this weekend!

I say this all, because I'm SOOOOO glad I went. What I hate most is, because we are in the spotlight, there will be so many grumbling people in our church who will think I had to right going to this conference. Here's the deal though, and maybe that's why I'm writing this. God was able to refresh my heart toward Mikes calling of being in the ministry. He used both of there to flush so much out of what we were learning and being convicted of. Also, if nothing else "your ministry will ONLY be as good as your marriage is." We were able to take time just us and go off the grid to focus on our marriage and to strengthen it. Again, I'm so glad I went!

Of course we did other things then just go the conference. Isn't it convenient that Target was just down the street ;)

Lots of studying God word in the comforts of my bathing suite and pool :) So to know I wasn't going to be interrupted by kiddos and I could focus on my Jesus!

Mikes favorite, In N Out :)


We NEEDED this time away! Goodness, how God worked on our hearts! I know I came back ready to "stand firm" hold my head high and know I'm a daughter of the King and nothing will be able to take us away from Him. No matter what happens, He will be with us and with that I can simply breath with relief!

Monday, October 7, 2013

updated boy, now with pictures :)

To find out if #3 was a boy or girl we decided to take a bite out of cupcakes! I went to my doctor for an ultrasound, he texted our friend and wala we picked them up two days later.

I can't tell you how fun this was! It felt like Christmas morning with the anticipation leading up! We invited a couple friends for dinner but of course ate dessert first ;)

We made sure to take a huge bite so the color would shine through. BLUE!!!!! It was too exciting to chew or swallow so we just smiled with frosting all over our faces :)

A boy!!! We couldn't be more excited!! Brody continues to say little one is a sister, but I think he will really will love a brother in a few years ;)