Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A day for warriors

This last Saturday was a day that has been talked about for months now at our house. It was the Warrior Dash Race day! A 5k race that takes you through the woods, jumping over fire, crawling under barbed wire, trekking through mud, crawling up and jumping down 8 foot walls, leaping over tires and cars! Lets just say this day was made for my husband and my brother. This was the day they got to live out the movie Braveheart. Oh how excited, in the most manly way of course, they were for this day :) So much so that running in it wasn't enough. Oh no readers, they had to dress the part also!! They took an afternoon and headed to Hobby Lobby (yep just the two of them!) and had some sweet older lady help them to look like Mel Gibson himself in the movie....true warriors ;)

Before the race. The guy in the middle is a great friend of Adams, Andrew. Everyone received these horn hats, how fun!

Brod mostly wanted his horn hat in his mouth and not on his head.

Waiting for daddy to run past us! How exciting!

Mike nearing the finish line with one last obstacle, clearing the open flame. Oh how he looked death in the eye and laughed!

The filthy muddy warriors. It was great to listen to all their war stories from the course.

And to top it off....my sister Meghan and her friends joined in on the warrior greatness and ran a couple heats after the guys.

The B Man was so proud of his sign he helped make for his warrior daddy!
What a fun day it was! I'm so proud of my warrior family :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Working on my purpose

I had a great quite time with the Lord today! I've been working real hard to spend quality time with the Lord. I've finding how much of a discipline it truly is. I try to sit at the Lord's feet in the morning before B wakes up. It's difficult I admit. The house is quiet and my brain is buzzing with everything that needs to get done for the day. So I'm constantly fighting to re-focus my thoughts and opening my ears. I read 2 Thessalonians 1:1-12 today. I focused a lot on verse 11, " we constantly pray for you, that our God may count you worthy of his calling, and that by His power He may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by your faith." Am I fulfilling my purpose that He has for me? My purpose is to 1. love God, 2. love others and 3. help others to love and know Him.  Am I doing that or am I quickly rushing through my day placing more time and attention on things that truly don't matter in the long run. Mike and I are leading a small group and we are reading through a book called "Not a Fan" by Kyle Idleman. We've read chapter one and goodness how convicting! I'm a bit nervous to continue reading. Anyways, it's about are we who call ourselves "Christians" good fans of God or are we actually following Him in the game?  This goes right along with what I read in 2 Thessalonians. Oh how I need to re-focus and get "back into the game" and truly be living out my purpose in life.

Below is a video (a cheesy video, but I like it because it has the words to the song). I'm loving my Lincoln Brewster CD lately. This song, "Whom Shall I Fear" brought me to my knees today. My family has been asking for God's healing, forgiveness and simply a miracle to happen these last few months concerning a family issue. This song was a great reminder of God's power and the incredible amount of love He has for us! "Oh Lord thank you for Your love, thank you for your strength!!" And family who are reading this, I pray this song will encourage and strengthen you as it has me today :)
One one more side note....our child is a genious! We've been teaching B sign language for months now with no signs of fruit. Well yesterday at church the nursery worker said he was signing the word "more" because she was giving him cheerios and he wanted more! Then lastnight I was holding him and he started signing the word "eat"!! So of course we had a celebration feast with him! We are so proud of our little man who really is watching and processing things that me and his daddy do :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

8 month highlights

A few highlights of 8 months:
  • B has mastered crawling and is following us all over the house! It's great :) He only crawls to stand though. This kid loves being on his feet!
  • He prefers to be an 11 hour sleeper at night versus a 12 hour sleeper now. So going to bed at 9pm and waking around 8 am.
  • Down to two naps a day. First in the morning around 11ish and the second in the afternoon around 3:30ish. One nap will be about an hour long and one will be almost two hours long if he is at our house. If he is at his cousins house he has been known to go 3 hours!
  • Every month he continues to love the pups even more. Gunner has started to lick him making Brod giggle. It fun to peak into a room where it is just the pups and Brod and they are all entertaining each other, what great friends :)
  • We think the words "momma" and "daddy" have come out of his mouth! We could be hearing only what we want to hear though :)
  • Continues to act as though he has never met a stranger. Such a social boy!
  • This boy has tripled his weight! He weighs 17 pounds and maybe 2 ounces (don't remember the ounces part)
  • He has been suffering from allergies for the last two weeks. Snotty noes with nose bubbles, poor kid :(
  •  Mike and I have always talked about when we had kids we wanted them to be able to choose to wear costumes all year round if they wanted. This last weekend we were at a garage sale and found this Tiny Ninja costume for the Brod Man. Mike was one proud dad as he showed off his Ninja Brody :)
  •  The Tupperware cupboard has been discovered! How can you put a lock on all this fun? He loves getting his toothless gums around the rims of these bowels. Yep you read correctly....toothless gums. No teeth in this boy yet. His doctor keeps promising us they will come.
  • Brody continues to love books! It's great because he will let you know what ones he likes and what ones he wishes we would just get rid of. His top three favorites are "I Love You Through and Through" (a fav of his cousin, Ashlyn, that she gave to him for Christmas) "Simba and Friends" and "Curious Pups" (Two great finds at the Dollar Tree!)