Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Santa came to the hospital! Love this Santa! His eye's turn you into a child again and make you want to sit on his lap and tell him everything you want for Christmas. He makes you really believe! :)

 NO tears this year! Brody had so much he wanted to tell Santa but couldn't get his voice above a whisper ;) Aubs clung to daddy's leg until we said, "Smile" and she shot this beauty at us and Parks just started this jolly, red man down.

Brody even got to hold Santa's cane!! I've never seen this smile on my boy before. He was busting at the seams with excitement and nervousness! 
These smiles are a big step up from last year ;)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

 Wow, I'm a little behind! Not sure how a whole month has gone by! It goes by faster and faster! Well if you go back with me to Halloween, here are my little critters. A dinosaur, pumpkin and Spider Man :)We have a costume bucket and so they picked out their costume for the night. We really never knew until the last minute what they were going to be because they kept putting on different costumes :) Doesn't Parks just looked thrilled :)
 Our church does a fun carnival that we went to. Lots of games, TONS of candy, tears to be had when we left because of the fun! It was even better this year due to daddy being able to walk around with us the WHOLE time. We didn't have to share him one bit due to him not being a Pastor at the church anymore! LOVE having daddy with us :)
 Love this family ;)
 Now just some cute pics :) We gave the kiddos an old camera of ours to take their own pictures with. Life behind their eyes is ADORABLE! We've done many photo shoots with their Planes and babies :) We've even seen some pics pop up of every day life. Me feeding Parker (delete that one!) and me going to the bathroom (OH MY!!! no words for that!). We've been talking and teaching about what we take pictures of now ;)
 Mike and I got away for our anniversary trip! Two nights away to Branson, Missouri! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE time away just us! We really didn't do anything exciting but whats the greatest is having NO schedule and getting to talk to my husband uninterrupted! :)
 This little man is almost 10 months old! How can that be!? He is the cutest little crawler we've ever seen, has no interest in standing up, is SO independent lately! He flat out refuses to be fed by a spoon, he wants to do it all on his own. Parks Man continues to be one laid back boy and just goes with the flow of our crazy lives. He loves the attention he gets from Aubs and Brod and truly puts up with anything they do to him ;) Praise Jesus for how big he is (just over 20 lbs!) because if he was smaller, he would be crushed ;)
 We have packed up fall and have gladly welcomed the Christmas Season! Each year just gets better and better with seeing it through the kid's eye's! Mainly Brody right now, but he is SO excited about Jesus birthday and Santa coming! He's been asking some crazy cool questions about Jesus and Santa. We are not downplaying Jesus at all, He is why we have Christmas. But, we are including Santa also. I love Santa and the mystery and excitement behind him. Lots of my childhood memories include the shear excitement of Santa. Anyways, enough said. We do both, and I'm proud that we do both!
And I guess this is how we watch movies around here ;)