Sunday, February 27, 2011

8 weeks

Sweet little Brody you are 8 weeks old now! It's so hard to believe how quickly you are growing!
  • You are such a happy boy while your awake. You love smiling and talking to us with your "coos" and "oos"
  • You love laying on your back and kicking your hands and feet
  • You love looking at pictures in books during story time
  • Your not a fan of tummy time even though we still make you do it :) Your neck is getting so strong we don't need support it any more
  • You are nursing every 3 hours during the day and daddy gives you a bottle (filled with mommas milk of course) twice day
  • You are usually asleep for the night by 10:45 pm and have been making it until 5 or 5:30 am! I rock you while singing a worship song or two, we pray together and then down you go (bedtime has become one of my favorite times in the day)
  • Your not a fan of nap time during the day. You get a nap about 2 hours after your feeding and stay asleep for only 30 minutes! Your a crazy boy! So unfortunately we let you stay in your crib the remaining 30 minutes until your nap time should be over to try to teach you the need for sleep. Your not very happy about this :(
  • You sometimes take your pacifier or you sometimes take your fist. Overall though, you don't need them
  • You just started wearing size 1 diapers (they look huge on you!)
  • You weigh 10 1/2 pounds and are 22 inches long!
  • You love staring at Gunner and Trigger. Gunner adores your and Trig just wants you to play with him so badly! All in due time :)
  • You love walks in the stroller and being outside (even though the weather has prevented us from being out a lot)

We love you so much sweet boy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


After delivery my placenta was sent off for testing because it looked wimpy and dead. We got the results back last week and they found nothing! No visible blood or anything else they look for. So unfortunately we don’t have an exact answer as to why it stopped nourishing sweet little Brody. I’m going to have my blood tested one more time in a couple weeks and just re-check the clotting factors (or something like that) and maybe that will give some more insight, but who really knows. We do have some answers as to what that means with future pregnancies. I’m going to be monitored like a hawk from the first visit. Doctor will be performing ultrasounds during every visit monitoring the exact growth of little one, I will be sent for non-stress tests at the hospital during the 3rd trimester to monitor how little one is doing and more than likely will not carry past 38 weeks. I asked doctor if he would have been monitoring Brody that intensely how early he would have taken us. He said he wouldn’t have hesitated at 34 weeks (being sent to Tulsa of course) but for sure by 37 weeks. That again reminded us of how the Lord was holding sweet Brody in his hands and taking care of his every need! Oh how we praise you Father for our little guy that you were so faithful in giving to us!
These are just cute pictures on including :) Everyone loves a naked baby!

Brody loves looking at these monkeys on the wall. In the middle of him crying, we can lay him on his changing table and he quickly quiets himself down by just gazing at his friends on the wall :) He has lots more, however, we havn't found the right tape to keep them on the wall.  

Friday, February 18, 2011

Two totally different days

Yesterday was a LONG day with a very not happy baby. When I exhausted all ideas to try to make Brody happy, I failed miserably! So....what else could I do but grab the camera and capture some of his not greatest moments ;)
He is still so adorable!

Then, today happened and we had a very happy baby! :)

 Sorry, I didn't turn the pic. I LOVE LOVE LOVE a happy boy!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

6 weeks

The snow is almost melted now with the 60 degree weather we've been having! Oh Oklahoma, how the weather changes so quick! We've been having lots of fun here at the Kaelber home. Tons of smiling and cooing going on (also lots of grunting). Just when we think we couldn't love Brody more, we wake up the next day realized we really do love him more than the day before :) His sleeping patterns are getting better. His night time feeding is at 11:00 pm putting him asleep between 11:30-12:15ish. We let him sleep as long as he wants and lately hasn't been waking up till between 3:30-5:30 am. Mike gives him a bottle and then back to sleep till his 7:00 am feeding with me. He loves laying on his back kicking his legs and arms. He loves staring at faces, his monkeys that hang on his wall, and pages in books. He hates his carseat but as soon as the car begin moving is sound asleep :) The only way he likes his swing is if we put it on the highest level! It looks as if he may fly out, but he loves it :) Oh our son! His gas is getting a bit better. My newest concern is that he may have some reflux issues. I've called the doctor and we may  take him in this week for it if he doesn't get better. He LOVES his cousin, Ashlyn. Loves staring at her and smiling as she sings sweet love songs to him. He's just a sweet happy boy who we love so much!

He enjoys tummy time. His neck is getting so strong!

Aunt Meghan wins the prize for first babysitter. She came over the other night while Mike and I went out for dinner. They had tons of fun together! It was fun also to get out with my husband, even though all we talked about was the Brodster.

He is just growing so big! He's out of his premie clothes and now in newborn clothes! He loves being in just his diaper, so much freedom I guess :)

Days of playing are long and exhausting, but so worth the snuggle at the end :)

We dedicated Brody Sunday at church. Mike has been excited for months to be able to do it. He did a great job as he handed Him over to the Lord and asking the church to pray for us as we raise him.

Such a sweet boy!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Say the word and I'm gone..."

"Just say we are moving and I'll start packing" are the words Mike woke up to me saying this morning. We woke up with another 12 inches of snow this morning and everything closed....AGAIN!!!! Maybe I'm going stir crazy with staying inside day after day with a newborn, but I'm ready for sun, my bathing suite (I'm not sure anyone else would be ready for me in a bathing suite), the ocean, and sand between my toes. I went on a "picture vacation" just now and have stared at this pic from Kauai for awhile now. It encompasses everything I want to be doing right now.

I'm sick of the cold
I'm sick of the snow
I'm sick of being inside
I'm sick of my house being so messy
I'm sick of being tired
I'm sick to my stomach that due to 2 weeks of snow baby announcements haven't even come in the mail yet because the mail truck can't even get out! (You'll probably get your announcement once he's walking!)
I'm sick of Wal-Mart running out of food (yes true story, good thing I produce my son's milk)

Now to our many blessings that I will choose to focus on today:

I have a warm home that keeps us safe
If I had to go out we have 4 wheel drive and could maybe get around
Mike has been home A TON lately due to the church being closed!
We have a sweet little son that loves and adores us
Our sweet son has started smiling this week and cooing
Our sweet pups still love us even though they don't get worked out much lately
We have an awesome God who continues to pour out His blessings on us today!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1 month and a blizzard

We are surviving the effects of Oklahoma's 2nd EVER blizzard with 15 inches of snow in our backyard! We've been spending our days inside by the fire snuggling and napping :)

I layed Brody in our bed real quick so I could go to the bathroom (don't worry I can see him from our bathroom). I was just gone for maybe 2 minutes when I found him sound asleep like this.

Sweet man has been sleeping in his crib at night! It was a bit hard on me "letting him go" but I think it's for the best for everyone. Every night he's doing a little better with sleeping longer and longer (we are so proud of him). He loves sleeping with his hands raised in the air, that's how we know he's sound asleep.

We haven't given him a fohawk yet and thought after his bath would be the perfect time. He's just too cute. Bath time is fun as he loves it! The highlight is always when he pees. It's actually kinda picturesque. He has fun letting it "fly" and it leaves Mike and I on the edge of our seat never knowing when it's going to come :)

Last night this is how the Brodster decided to fall asleep! When he is crying, we've learned, he really likes to be raised in the air. After about 5-10 good reps he's off in sleep land ;) We will be giving Brody the credit for our very in shape arms here soon :)

Lot and lots of snow here in the 'ville! We had to take Brody out for his 2nd snow 1st blizzard. Don't worry we were outside for a total of 2 maybe 3 seconds and aunt Meghan was waiting inside with a warm blanket and snugly arms. Brody was just a bit taller then the snow!

Aunt Meghan made this way fun 1 month thing (I'm not real sure what to call it). We saw it in a magazine and it seemed like a fun idea. We hope to take pics like this every month.

The pups have loved the snow. At first during the blizzard they weren't fans. They just didn't think they could go out in the snow. So Mike shoveled a pathway for them every couple hours. Once the wind stopped we got the ball out and set them loose :) The snow goes up to their bellies!

The ball would obviously get lost and Trig would shove his face in the snow looking all over for it. We thought for sure he would never find it.

This pic was taken on accident. This was the first glimpse of Trig right after finding his ball that was lost. He was searching for about 5 minutes and then with his head lifted proudly he brought the ball back! We couldn't believe his determination, we were VERY proud of him!

All in all it's been very fun being snowed in, we have no complaints. The church has been closed meaning Mike has gotten to stay home, which we love! I keep telling him because the driveway and side roads are not cleared he can't go to work tomorrow. Yes, I know we are both from the Midwest and can handle the snow, but I do look for any and every excuse for him to always stay home :)