Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Number three is 14 weeks and growing like a weed! I like 14 weeks. The beginning of 2nd trimester. Kinda like a fresh start. Wipe away the miserable, ikiness of that first awful trimester and begin new. I've felt more energy the last couple days. I even did a couple loads of laundry today with only one nap! :) I can see life coming back and realizing yes, we will survive :)
The cousins came up a few weekends back and that brought a super fun evening at the Kiddie Park!
 Goodness, if we thought B loved it last year we weren't prepared for how much he was going to love it this year! He has no fear. The faster and higher the ride the more he liked it.

 But then again, who doesn't enjoy a leisurely train ride :) It's my favorite ride!
 Not the greatest picture of Mike but I included it because of Aubs. Really, is she just the most adorable thing?!

I can only imagine what these two are talking about ;)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm not sure if it's Aubrie getting a bit older and more "playable" for Brody but they inseparable lately! Brody loves trying to tickle Aubs and Aubs loves trying to climb on Brod. Of course to go along with them playing so much together, also comes this new world of sharing and being kind. It's a tough new world for these kiddos ;)
Girlfriend is so close to walking! She even took one step on her own yesterday and this morning took 2 steps! YAY!!! We leave on our big camping adventure in a few weeks. We just have to have a walking girl by then (that's kinda why we planned the trip for when we did).
And finally, the cool dude has discovered his newest form of independence that he just loves, dressing himself :) He's adorable at it. He wants NO help one bit. So as you can tell from above and below his clothes always tell a story now ;)
 He's a big fan of these pattern clothes. Often days my eyes go bonkers from all the excitement on his little self ;)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Round 3

On Father's Day we found out that number 3 was baking inside! We are so excited! This little bean will be here by February 17th!
 I was hoping this third one would allow me to skip the morning sickness phase, not so much. This last week I've felt really good. But the 4 weeks before lots of nausea and goodness these emotion of mine have gotten the best of me! I'm so thankful for ultrasounds and how the Lord has used it to give me the "boost" I've needed. Goodness, just looking at that tiny head, that sweet little body and those precious legs, love has overwhelmed me again! I don't say it nearly enough but God is so good! How he intricately creates all of us and at this very moment I get the absolute privilege of carrying another one of his masterpieces!
It's fun watching Brody put this all together. He touches my belly and says, "Baby in here". Aubrie likes to rub my bare belly (now she really could be only doing this because Brody is ;) But we can't wait for February to get here and add some more craziness to the Kaelber home :)