Tuesday, July 21, 2015


 So....we had kitten for 3 days. It was a super rainy day and we found 1 kitten soaking wet in our backyard. Ran out and rescued the little guy. The kids were beyond words excited! Then Brody looked into the backyard again and yelled, "Holy Moly! There's another kitty!" Oh no! Yep, there was another furry critter needing to be rescued!
 Some friends gave us food and these kitties were loved on until we found a good home for them.
 Loved on, abused a lot (same thing!), our kiddos LOVED having them in the house!

This missy, especially! She loved the gray kitty! They were found snuggling a lot! We were sad to send them away, but we just aren't in a place to keep animals right now. 
They went to an awesome home which we are actually kitty sitting for them this weekend :)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Aubrie!

Our Aubrie Marie is 3!! I say it every time....BUT...where has the time gone??!!!

 Aubrie's bday was a family day. Low key but fun! Cinnamon rolls in the morning, out for dinner and birthday brownie sundaes for dessert :)
 Birthday party was at the Splash Pad. Super great and low key! Key word....low key!
 I think our Aubs really enjoyed her party! She was so cute playing with her friends :)

 Almost the whole crew :)
Lots of running, splashing around, laughing and snacking with some awesome friends :) Happy Birthday Miss Aubrie Marie! We love you so much!