Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Because I'm bored.....

I wish I were more creative with the titles to these blogs, however, I just lack that gift. Fore warning, this blog is simply because I'm home by myself and bored so it might rattle on. Mike is up in Kansas City with some of the other pastors on staff. They left yesterday afternoon with the plans of going to a Royals game, staying the night and coming home earlier today. Well....they are not home yet. Four of them decided they should stay for another game tonight and drive home after to get home maybe 1 or 2 in the morning. Mike was the only one pleading to come home as planned and his opinion just didn't matter I guess. So he's stuck at the mercy of everyone else. I don't think I would be so upset by this if I, like all the other wives, got to see my husband for more then just a couple hours a day. Life has been absolutely CRAZY lately with me working and him taking on college ministry we just don't get to spend the time we used to together. I work tomorrow and Thursday, youth group and college service will be tomorrow night, so I'll not get to see my husband till Thursday night. I'm sure life will calm down soon......right? It has to.

Anyways......now that my pity party is out of my system.... Some exciting news in the Kaelber house is that we have finally replaced our fence in the backyard (it looks sooooo good!!! now if only I could develop a green thumb, our backyard would be perfect). Also, we have officially made our last payment on the Pilot! We own two cars!!! Thats a huge praise because our goal was to have it paid off before Little K comes! I'm also praising the Lord right now for the event of tonight. After I got off work, I took the pups to the park. Theres a great field where they can run their little hearts out chasing each other and the ball. Well, we were there for at least 30 minutes and soon as I got them into the car to leave, I spotted a coyote not even 100 feet from us that Gunner spotted immediately. Thankfully we were in the car already and I just needed to roll up the windows to stay safe, but oh my word! Thank you Lord for keeping all of us safe! It really was all the Lord that nothing happened because that coyote had been watching us and there is just no reason I can think of as to why he didn't want to "play" with the boys. Thank you, thank you, thank you Lord!

Last week we had our 35 week appointment. Sweet little man is doing great and getting huge! Now if we could just get my varicose veins to go away this would be the greatest, most boring pregnancy ever. I can't begin to tell you how active this kid is! He's been up all night last night and most of the day today really trying to bust his way out! Even though, yes, he has caused me some loss of sleep, I can't help but love every single movement of his! I got to see him at work today and he was just waving away! Last week some friends of ours had a baby boy and I was holding him against my belly and well lets say Little K got a bit jealous as he kicked his sweet little friend over and over till I handed him away! After the visit with our friends Mike walked away saying, "I just don't know how I'm going to be able to let anyone else hold our baby, I want to be holding him every second that you are not." HA! I hope I never forget that statement :) I love seeing and hearing how much love he has for him already!

Well....it's time to start heading to bed. I hope to have pictures with the next post of the fence and my 26 week belly :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day hike and then some....

The boys and I ventured out for a fun little afternoon hike today. It was great to get out of the house (and even from the hospital)! The weather was a little cooler, only 85 degrees today! How I can't wait to be able to turn the AC off and open the windows!

A side view of me at 23 weeks, this baby just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

A few highlights of pregnancy:
  • Today was the first day in months that Subway has sounded good!
  • I have now gained 12 pounds in the last 5 1/2 months! (I'm pretty sure Mike has gained some also :)
  • This sweet little boy of ours kicks like crazy! Sometimes I feel he might just bust his way through me!
  • I've noticed right after a baby is delivered and is crying our little man begins kicking even more!
  • The 7 of the 8 babies that will be born in our church within a few weeks of ours will all be boys
  • I love caring this boy, however, we are both ready to be carrying him in our arms!

One last note: Mike, Meghan and I were eating out last Sunday and another of the pastors and his family were at the same place. Well little to say that the dinner turned into Mike's birthday dinner. So funny and yet so embarrassing :) Mike had a very good 7 month early birthday celebration! The crazy servers also brought Meghan into the celebration with drenching her nose with whipped cream :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yesterday we spent the day in Tulsa registering for all things baby! Oh my word babies need a TON of things! I've got to admit that by the time we were finished I was and still am extremely overwhelmed! Registering made me realize how much we don't have and I think that was what was so overwhelming. It wasn't like registering when Mike and I were engaged because then we at least had some things unlike at this very moment. So anyways, we began our venture at Babies R Us. Thats a pretty cool place, very nice and organized. However, it was filled with lots of other pregnant ladies who looked so confident in what they were doing and looking for. And there was Mike and I looking at a list of what we needed asking each other questions like, "What is a receiving blanket and why do we need so many sheets?" Little to say we felt pretty dumb. I almost just asked one of the moms to follow us the rest of the night and educate us on babies. After a few hours at Babies R Us we were needing to eat and so headed to Red Lobster Mmmmmm, so good! Exactly what we needed to recharge and begin again only this time at Target. Round 2 was a whole lot less overwhelming and quicker. I also did some maternity clothes shopping! After Target we again needed a food break so we picked up dessert at The Cheesecake Factory! That may have been my highlight of the day :) All in all it was a good day. Yes, overwhelming, however it will be neat to see how the Lord pulls it all together in time for Little K's arrival :)