Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We had some very special visitors come visit last week! Grandma Carol and Grandpa Richard all the way from Iowa :) The kids just ate up all their attention!!!

 Grandpa Richard brought flashlights. You would have thought B and A have never seen one before as they were by far the major hits of the week!
 Close by is a super cool Zoo that we have never been to. After seeing how great it was I'm kinda embarrassed we've never been before. These animals were so close to us!
 First time carrying the Parks Man on my back, he even took a nap back there :) Because this is my blog I can do this. Don't judge me by what I'm thinking either ;) I'm SOOOO grateful for my Rodan+Fields products. NEVER in my life (until recently) have I looked at pictures of myself and honestly and truly think I have great looking skin!  Blown away on how much I love these products!! Grandma Carol became a Rodan+Fields girl also :) Yay! Okay, commercial over :)
 If you ask Mike how he liked the Zoo, his response is like a 10 year old boy ;) He LOVED it and here's why. At a big Zoo we get excited if we see an animal move it's head the slightest. Here, ALL the animals were super active. It was always feeding time on the tour and so we saw them eat, run around, go swimming and even mate! (yep, we really saw that and yep it was really awkward tying to ignore Brody's questions on why the lions were doing that!!) HA!
 You see that bear? No zoom to my camera here, he is really that close!

 I just love this boy!!! He had been begging to go to the zoo for weeks and so he was one happy fellow!
 Sweet Sis got a bit tuckered out! This NEVER happens where she just falls asleep, but it was super adorable :) Very thankful the Zoo owners let us use this wagon!

Grandma Carol and Grandpa Richard came at such a great time as we had TONS to talk about with a very recent and very big potential of us moving!!! Oh man, I just said that! Stay tuned, some big news may be brewing!! News that can only be explained about how faithful and simply cool the Lord is! :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Aubrie!

We celebrated Aubrie's 2nd birthday last week! I can hardly believe my baby girl is 2! Time just goes quicker and quicker. I'm not sure if I'm sad about that or excited about that either. I really do enjoy the kids getting older. I like the when we can talk to each other and just play together. But then again, pretty soon I wont get to tuck them in at night because they will be all grown up and out of the house, and that brings some tears! So thankfully we are only at 2 for this girlfriend! :)

 We had a very low key birthday party. Aubrie DOES NOT like to be the center of attention one bit. She becomes so shy and quiet the second she gets overwhelmed. We wanted her to be comfortable and have fun so we only invited over 2 of her friends to a Strawberry Shortcake ice cream sundae party :) Simple decorations, on the patio, and toys set out in the backyard, it was perfect!
 Of course no party is complete without a crazy big cake! My friend who makes our cakes called the morning of her party and told me she may have gotten a little carried away by the size of her cake ;) Ha! I would say so. We will be eating cake for the next month from our freezer, not a problem! :)

 I always tell others that Aubrie just needs super girly things. With having a big brother we have so many "boy" toys. Poor girl, that's what she plays with (Really though, boy toys are so much cooler!). But she got 2 tea sets, necklaces, wings, tutus and games. We are set :)

What a great party. Aubrie had a blast with her sweet girlfriends and never once became shy!  Bummed I didn't get a family picture. Parker wasn't feeling the greatest and slept the entire party. I was so proud of Brody and how he did a great job at celebrating his sister and had no jealousy issues of why she got to open presents and he didn't. Very proud momma! :) Happy birthday sweet Aubrie!