Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lots of extra snuggles and kisses have been given out lately here at the Kaelber home. I've added some super cute pictures to this blog for some good lightheartedness and smiles :)

 We went Christmas light gazing and oh sister did the Sister love it :)
 The brother loved it also :) This was his favorite a lit up train. He even kept making the "cho,cho" noise :)
 Super cute picture right? Would you believe me if I told you B was pooping? Well he was and it was really funny :)
My sweet, sweet Christmas Santa :) Out colors matched so that of course meant we needed a picture. Mike and I have been having a blast teaching our kiddos about Jesus and Santa. We are super excited that we have decided that our kids will get the magical experience of believing in Santa as children. I've been sharing so many of my childhood memories with Mike about growing up and believing in Santa and it's just a great way of teaching B and A about caring and generosity. Of course Jesus is the absolute reason for celebrating Christmas and we will never downgrade that, but it does sadden me a bit that Mike never got the opportunity to believe in Santa. I realize I'm on a soapbox here, but for goodness sake give the kids Santa! Oh the excitement of Christmas Eve night, checking the computer to see where Santa is, leaving out cookies and carrots for the "night time" guests and sneaking out of my room SO early in the morning to see if Santa had come :) I can't wait for our kids to live that excitement also :)
 Aubrie really isn't sitting yet, she's just positioned perfectly to look like she is :) Pretty cute though ;)
 Gunner kinda likes the girl. Both pups are just super annoyed with us, I think, for adding another child to the house. Can't blame them, they used to be the children.
Brody got some Cars stickers and stuck them all over his sister, again SUPER cute :)

I pray your heart has been lifted up a bit. A verse that keeps going through my mind is Matthew 16:33 "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and I take such comfort in knowing that He holds it all in the palm of His hands. He doesn't cause evil to happen, He has given us the ability to choose our actions, to know right from wrong. Jesus has overcome the world and when we believe in Him we will know the peace that is found in only Him. Oh goodness do you know Him? Do you have a relationship with Him? If some awful tragedy were to happen tomorrow to you do you know where you would go? Please know Him, please know Him, please know Him!! It's the best decision I've ever made. Talk to a pastor, call me, talk to a friend that you know has a relationship with Christ, just please know His peace. I pray that this Christmas Season you will truly know and understand why it is you celebrate.

Monday, December 3, 2012

 Little Miss is giving us a run for our money at night. The chicha is thinking she has to be awake in the middle of it. I think we will make more of a point to make sure she eats her rice cereal before bed in case it's a hunger issue. I weirdly do enjoy my time with her in the night when I feed her. The house so quiet I get to hear her sweet noises, and it's just us two. However, this night thing needs to be nipped in the bottom, it's making for one tired momma. So here's to another night of CIO (crying it out). I know when she is crying in the night that angels are surrounding and comforting her because I'm asking Jesus to send them to her :) We will teach her this "art" of sleeping all night. 
In the picture above B had ripped A's bow off her head and is replacing it, oh brother how this brother wants to take care of his little sis.
 Mike and Brody made up a new game called burrito flip (kinda cool name, I just made that up). B gets rolled up like a burrito while then Mike quickly unrolls him flying him halfway across the room! I did put the kabosh on the game last night as I felt it was getting too rough when Mike reminded me that I worked all weekend and I have no clue what all went on ;)
 Our newest addition got to meet Santa while our first born re-visited Santa. I'm glad to say there were no tears with this meeting/visit. Aubrie didn't take her eye's off me as and B didn't take his eye's off Mike. Neither of them were true fans.
 Brod kept his arms stretched out the entire time quietly protesting the visit, really wanting nothing to do with this crazy looking man. The mission was accomplished though, a great picture with fun memories :)
No worries that The B Man was traumatized, he was happy once we got home :)
As was the A girl :) Her outfit it pretty ridiculous, but oh my SOOOOOOOOO stinkin cute :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Is this kid a ham or what??
 I was holding Aubrie when Brody left the room the other afternoon. I thought kinda weird because we were all playing, but nothing unusual. A few minutes later he peeked his head around the corner and we had this conversation:
Brody: Poopy
Me: Buddy, do you need to go poopy?
Brody: No, momma poopy.
Me: Did you go poopy?
Brody: Momma, poopy.
I set A down to investigate what my son what talking about and I find him just like the picture above. Somehow B unsnapped his diaper no more is needed to be said :) See the puddle to the right of him? He was just fascinated by it! I was pretty proud of myself for grabbing the camera before cleaning him up :)
B also got a bath crayon, yep just one. He hopes to get a set for Christmas (hint, hint ;) The funny thing is it's red and when he colors in the tub it looks like a murder scene :) Lately he also knows when a camera in pointed toward him he smiles and says "cheeeese!!!"

On a side note. Jesus talks often about brotherly love in the Bible. I was reading this verse "Be devoted to one another in brotherly love" Romans 12:10 and I read this verse in such a different way. I can't say it enough how much Brod and Aubs just adore each other. They both have a certain "look" for each other. The other day Mike was holding Aubrie and B just walked up and stood holding her hand. Not saying anything but simply holding her hand. Today B and I were watching Cars. I was trying to talk to him but he was in his "I can't hear anything mode". The great thing though was the second Aubrie woke from her nap and started crying he jumped to his feet saying, "Aubi, Aubi, cyin" as he ran to her room to get her. He loves her! He even obeys without hesitation when we ask him to do something for Aubrie And that is exactly how Jesus asks us to be toward others, that's what He means by being devoted to one another.  Hmmm.......the truths one can learn from such sweet kiddos :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

My mind has been heavy today. I keep hearing about young college students who are committing suicide. Today being another day my sister calls me to tell me of yet another girl she knew that took her life over the weekend. Each time I hear of such tragic news I'm reminded again of why it is I pray fervently for my children. I pray that they will know without a doubt who their Creator is. I pray their self confidence wont be found in anything of this world. That they wont place any of their trust in money, in friends, in possesions but ONLY in the hope of Jesus Christ. I pray that they will know without a doubt  how much Jesus loves them and also how much their momma and daddy love them to. I pray daily for the wisdom to raise children who know Christ. I pray they will simply desire to follow Christ because they see me and Mike following Him. Because really it's this simple. You'll never feel the love your looking for, you'll never feel the acceptance your seeking, you'll never be filled with the joy you long for, you'll never make enough money, nothing in life life will ever be enough UNTIL you know who Jesus Christ is. I praise God Mike and I have that relationship with Christ where our hope is placed in Him alone and so I will keep praying for our two kiddos and many family members that they too will come to know Him also. Because really, life is worth living when you know who you are living it for.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

'tis the season :)

I have a 2 year old on my lap at the moment, we'll see how long this lasts......

Above is Aubrie's first bite of rice cereal, I didn't realize I had tons of pictures on my SD card until today. So far she's just getting it at dinner time and for the most part that is working through the night, kind of. We've had some rough nights and I'm determined to not make a habit of waking up in the night.

 Tis the season already! I kinda like this new child every Christmas thing we have going on :) Should it be a regular tradition??? ;) Ha! Get no ideas, no Christmas babies next year is the plan. Anyways, we headed to our annual tree far aka Lowes to find the perfect tree :)
 We found the perfect tree and headed home. Ready for a warm soup dinner, cookies, hot chocolate, Christmas music and decorating. Sounds fun and perfect, right? I imagined a perfect night teaching Brody how to hang ornaments on the tree, a happy smiling baby girl, Auntie Meghan at the house and Mike and I just watching in shear delight. The night was terrible! Really what was I thinking? Really, a two year old knowing how to hang ornaments on the tree without trying to pull the tree over or poke himself with the ornament holder thing mixed in with a super fussy girl who decided not to nap. I forced it too much. I wasn't greatly let down, in fact I was able to laugh at my high expectations. I found myself telling Auntie after the kids went to bed, "Just put the ornaments on the tree." Which in fact did turn out to be fun as we laughed at how life has changed and how we have entered into the decorating for Christmas when the kiddos are sleeping phase. I know in maybe 5 years it will be fun again :)
 Due to not getting any decorating pictures we snapped some Christmas tree pictures today after church (the one time during the week we all look presentable and out of our jammies, true story!) I love how Aubrie just stares at her brother :)
 There are such stressful, tired filled days to parenting. Some days I just want to lock myself in my room and scream. Some days seem like A and B both got together before the day started and plotted to do everything that makes me go crazy. I love being a momma though! And so even in the middle of the absolute craziness (like Christmas decorating night) I still would never trade those moments because when there are terrible days there are also REALLY, REALLY good days! :)
 We also made a leaf pile today, Aubrie like it more than Brody.
Brody was having too much fun playing fetch with the pups. He loves being outside and so it was such a nice relief to finally let him play outside this afternoon. It's been so cold! We hung some Christmas lights in his room along with a couple other decorations and he LOVES it :) Also another side note....Brody is obsessed with the movie Cars. So much so that I'm thinking I might have to change the theme of his birthday part from Thomas the Train to Cars. We've had to place a limit on how much we watch the movie. I promise you Mike and I have the entire movie memorized. The crazy thing is that it really is such a good movie, we aren't tired of it yet :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

4 months

Our sweet chubba lubba is 4 months old! I realized the other day as I was snuggling on a newborn that Aubrie really isn't a tiny, snugly baby anymore, and that made me sad. But we are into the fun days now as she smiles, giggles and shows her little personality more and more :)

 Look at those rolls! I try to kiss everyone of them daily because they are just too cute! Little girly girl now weighs 14 lbs and 7 oz placing her smack in the middle of the 50% and 85% for height (really!!?? really!).
We've started rice cereal and she kinda likes it. It's been hit and miss but if she does eat rice before bed it means a full night of sleep is in the making for us all :) Size 3 diapers are also much needed these days. Place a 2 on the girl and you'll be changing her outfit with the first poop. So that makes both Kaelber kiddos in size 3 diapers, oh my!
Aubs still isn't a fan of tummy time, prefers to stand versus sit and is holding toys in her hands and quickly brings anything to her mouth. She may be teething because golly she drools like crazy and munches on our fingers hard :)
Brody continues to adore his sis and is so concerned about her every where about :) Today we made mention to her cold hands. Before we knew it Brod dashed out of the room and returned with a blanket for her because we said she was cold!
 Golly, I can't say it enough that we are blessed!! We LOVE being parents! Thank you Jesus for our children!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

We've been busy lately! This blog is just going to be lots of pictures from the last couple weeks.

 We've gotten the Johnny Jumper out for Aubrie and she is warming up to it. Brody really likes it more though. B desires so badly to swing his sister to the ceiling in it as he thinks he's only "playing" and "loving" on her :) So little to say we are always an arms length away from Aubrie ;)
 This boy just loves getting in Aubrie's command center! Can you blame him? This was his first in all fairness ;)
 Such a happy face as Brody watches daddy mow the lawn one chilly Saturday morning.
 I left them alone for a few minutes and returned to Brody reading "Go Dogs, GO!" to his sister :)
 Another use for the darts from the nerf gun :)
 Have I said yet how much Brod loves Aubs? It's A LOT! This picture was taken right before he steam rolled her, not once but twice! Aubrie is beginning to toughen up to say the least as there were no tears in the rolls ;) How do you get through to a 2 year old that his love needs to be taken down a notch?
 Our first set of family down for the weekend. Above is Aubrie's second cousin Libby :)

 The whole clan before they all took off :(
 Then my dad and brother came down this last weekend.
Who could resist a snuggle nap with grandpa? :) We loved the last two weekends of getting our family to meet Aubrie, we love visitors :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

At the tiny kids amusement park thing we have here in the 'ville they opened up this last weekend for a Halloween celebration. What fun the kids had dressing up :) We had a Dalmatian and a monkey for children Friday night :)
 One of the Dalmatians favorite friends, Graham the Lion, and his parents joined us for the fun :)
 I'm not a fan of Halloween at all, but goodness I LOVE dressing my babies up :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mike and I are 5 weeks into a financial/budgeting small group at our church called Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. We love it! We have been working super hard at getting our money in line and realizing that over the last 7 years we really haven't had a plan of attack. Sure we are paying off school loans as fast as we can (and we are almost there!!) but there was never an actual plan. In these last 5 weeks we've learned to budget and have been following our budget for 2 weeks now! We are using cash for just about all our purchases and goodness has it been difficult making that mind switch from debit card to cash.

In the past I have been in charge of our money so it's been fun to have Mike take a huge roll in getting us organized. He set up the budget and above is him with 3 computers getting us all in line :) He has become the banker and it's been stretching but great to finally know where our money is going. We have been cutting out spurling items in our lives. One of which is cutting cable. We've been without it a week and we LOVE IT!!! We love the money we are saving but also we love the forced family time it is giving us. We don't have the option to just turn on the TV, sit and watch anymore; it's really nice. So while we've been working hard on getting money in line, cutting back on spending and learning more discipline in our lives, Satan has been hard at work in trying to get us to give up and become frustrated. As soon as we started Financial Peace we found mold in our guest bath. So we needed to redo our bathtub area (new bathtub and tile). Now this weekend this is what happened.........
 Mike's foot came through the ceiling in our living room! Really though you just have to laugh, right? :) Mike was putting away baby clothes in the attack and slipped a bit and thankfully didn't fall all the way through. Truly it could have been much worse (bigger whole or Mike could have been hurt) so thank you Jesus! But really!!?? We really enjoyed having our construction friend in our home doing our bathroom and so it will be great to have him back this week repairing our ceiling ;)  We just cling to the verse "no discipline seems pleasant at the time but painful, later on however it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it" Hebrews 12:11.
 And really we may get frustrated/annoyed by dumb things but we quickly look at our children and life just doesn't seem too bad anymore :) Above are Brods "battle scars" from our flour fight yesterday. So fun!
At the end of the day this is what matters :) Life doesn't get much better!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

3 months

So many times I have no clue how to work this blogger! Now is one of them as my pictures are all over the place. Oh well! Little Miss is 3 months old! Here are some highlights:
  • Sleeping about 11 hours at night! Bedtime feeding at 8 pm, asleep by 8:30 and wakes up between 7 and 7:30!  I love, love, love sleep so it is so great to be sleeping through the night :)
  • Eating about every 4 hours. 
  • Smiles the second she makes eye contact with anyone :)
  • Is such a rolly polly her poor neck is one giant moist rash. We put baby powder in those rolls as much as we can though out the day, but goodness does she have rolls!
  • Continues to be one super laid back girl! 
  • Just days away from being in size 2 diapers 
  • Wearing 3-6 month clothes
 It's getting cold outside! We had our first fire over the weekend with s'mores and everything :) You just know its going to be a great, lazy day when there is a fire going.
I just love this picture! These two continue to be each others "pals" B loves his sis. He loves "petting" her head holding toys in front of her face and grabbing her burp rag to wipe up her drool. Aubs just loves watching big brother play with her. She stops crying as soon as he is near :)
Brody loves Aubrie so much so that he wants to breastfeed her! HA!! He did this the other day because she was fussy. He got the bobby pillow all on his own, climbed up to the chair and lifted his shirt and said "Aubi, Aubi"! My first thought was "We have brainwashed him well without even saying a word!" :) I'm sure Brod will just love this story in about 14 years :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

 We finally caved and "splurged" on a basketball hoop for B. We have been looking for one at garage sales and on Craiglist for over a year. It was time. He gathers every ball we have in the house and with every throw yells "BASKETBALL!" It's great :)
 B also has his very first monkey backpack that he carries his diapers, wipes and sippy cup in when we leave the house. This picture doesn't even capture the amount of cuteness this is! It's really handy also because we don't have to carry 2 diaper bags.
 Fall has set in the 'ville and so our nightly walks have returned! Sweets gets to ride with no car seat! Mike's parents just got us a new sit and stand stroller and it really is a lot of fun.
 I am one blessed momma to have my family consist of these 3! Mike texted me today about taking me out on a date tonight. I texted him back who was watching the kids and it hit me again with tears in my eyes how much I love, love, love saying "the kids"!
The last two days while I'm getting ready for the day this is what B is busy doing. Trigger follows me everywhere I go. If I'm in the same place for more than a minute he goes to sleep. So Brod's new thing is making multiple trips from his bed to Trig and "tucking" him in to go to sleep! Everything on the boys bed gets on Trig. Blanket, Marvin the Monkey, his pillow and even the noise maker get brought in and even plugged in! I know Trigger is not a huge fan of the boy but seriously Trig's life was so boring before he came along ;) Goodnight Trig!
And one more funny story. I was picking Brod up from the nursery last night at church and the nursery worker jokingly said, "Brody knows 2 words, momma and snack"!! His priorities have shifted from daddy and doggies to me and food! When I think I can't love him anymore, I find myself loving him SO much more!!!