Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I really should be working on dinner right now however, that was making me feel ill. So a much better substitue is to sit here on my couch and blog :)

This has been a crazy week. It's kinda been my first week back into the world sense dealing with all my back issues (which I keep getting great reports, so praise the Lord for that!). So it's a week that I've had to suck up my nausea and go about my daily life. Side note: I have no clue at this moment how mom's keep having kids. I can't imagine being on kid number 2 or 3 and taking care of them with feeling so sick all day long! I really do have a new found meaning for Mother's Day and how great mom's are, they are truly not appreciated as they should be. Anyways....this week I've been in a review class for my nursing boards in Tulsa. It's been such a great class but there is just something about sitting all day and thinking that drains every bit of energy out of you. Thankfully Panera Bread is right down the corner from class, it has been visited often this week :)

So while I'm in class, Mike is doing everything else. He really has been such a great support these last few weeks. From playing nurse to cook to house cleaner, he's done it all. He is the greatest husband to me and even though I thought it couldn't be possible I love him even more then I did before these last couple weeks! And it's so fun to see how in love he is with our baby. Every morning and night with no fail, my belly gets a good rub, kiss and words of love from his/her daddy. He's going to be a great dad :)

We leave tomorrow for our 5th annual Memorial Day trip! This year we will be traveling to Denver and camping with the crew. We can't wait to see our dear friends again and get to meet a new member to our group! Gunner can't wait for all the food he's going to get from his little friend Ashon! He loves that kid ;) We'll post pictures of our great adventures when we return :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We've jumped onto the blogging world.....

We've been waiting to create this blog for awhile now. With the very exciting arrival of our first human child the beginning of January, we thought the time couldn't more be perfect. The idea of this blog is mostly for our out of town family and friends in order that they can feel apart of this pregnancy and our family with being so far away. I can't promise anything exciting, as I just don't feel I have the gift of writing, but at least you can feel informed :) So I invite you to enjoy the many upcoming blogs as you feel more apart of our family!