Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas and honesty

This is Brody's best friend, Graham. On Wednesday nights they attend a program called Puggles at Grahams church. It's Awana but for 3-4 year olds. This picture was from there Christmas party. I just love it! I keep asking B why he didn't smile and he just simply says, "I didn't want to". Oh my son :)

 The yearly Santa picture. This poor Santa. I always wonder how enjoyable this job is due to the screaming children who sit on his lap :) Only one kiddo had a melt down.
 Brody stood as far away as possible, keeping his eye on Mrs. Claus (she had all the candy ;) And poor Aubs kept those big brown eye's on me ;) I was working this day, so Mike dressed the kids and decorated them (i.e. the headband). I was very impressed!!

 I was vacuuming and Brody wedged himself in between the foot stool on the couch. I started snapping away on my camera and he told me he was making funny faced. So this was one of his funny faces ;)
Had a super fun "ice day" with all of us home! I love family days when we are stuck inside! We had a super warm fire all day and did some baking (kinda). Aubs had become a daddy's girl in every way. She loved being really warm and snuggled by daddy. So each time Mike sat by the fire, that was an invitation to her to get some warm, daddy snuggles in ;)

When I say baking I mean melting almond bark and dipping Ritz crackers in the chocolate.  That was the extent of my baking this year. Easy peasy and something Brody could help me with. He did such a great job also! Covered in chocolate, yes, but surprisingly he didn't lick his fingers after every dip ;)
 I have spent many hours in the bathtub lately. Helps to relieved some pain I've been in. The running water and bubbles attracts two sweet kiddos. Usually we strip them down and let them blow bubbles all over themselves. Its brings a good 30 minutes of entertainment ;) It's been difficult for me to get on their level and play with them. I've struggled a lot with that during this pregnancy. So we have tons of fun during bath time (with me in and them on the outside) splashing around. I really do feel like it's something super fun that I can do with them.
32 weeks. We are getting there! I feel like the the little train that could as I say daily, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can." I love carrying this sweet boy in my belly. I love feeling his kicks and jabs. I LOVE when Brody and Aubrie get to feel him and seeing their sweet faces light up when they get kicked. I LOVE listening to my husband talk to his 3rd child and give him sweet little kisses. I love watching Brody and Aubrie on top of daddy in the living room and daydreaming how this sweet boy is going to fit right in :) I love this growing family. I love the chaos of it! I really do! 

Can I be honest though? I mean really honest? Every day has been a shear challenge! I'm in so much pain. Pain that no one talks about. My legs have some of the worst varicose veins I've ever seen. My doctor has already recommended and referred me on for surgery on them this next year. I have to wear my support stockings every day. Gosh and that's a challenge right there putting them on :) Well these veins don't just stop on my legs. These veins go right on up all the way. Yep, I just said that! I obviously haven't told many people about his embarrassing condition but I'm tired of the "lazy" looks I get when I choose to sit all the time. I have to sit. I'm a swollen, blistery mess! To go along with my support stockings, my daily wardrobe now contains a men's like jock strap. Oh heavens do I look like a piece of work, I've never been more thankful for clothes and winter before ;) Then I'm not sleeping due to my restless legs and achy hips. Piece of work! Yep, that's me! Little to say both Mike and I have come to the conclusion that this will be the last baby coming out of my body. The blessing is this. I'm glad the Lord is confirming this being the last baby from my factory by having all these ailments. If it weren't for these, we probably would just keep going because we really do love these kiddos! So there's my honesty. I'm really miserable, and just not having much fun. But we do continue to rejoice that there is this perfect little boy in my belly that we will meet in just a few weeks!! And he will be worth every bit of uncomfort, and every single sleepless night! There is the most perfect prize at the end!

Monday, December 9, 2013

The tree is decorated and Christmas decorations, as many as we are going to do this year, are up :) Mike and I have embraced less is so much more this year. I love Christmas. I love turning out home into a beautiful Christmas paradise. However, I'm really tired. I kept thinking about everything that came out of the boxes will have to be placed back in the boxes when I'm even more pregnant. And with that thought, we decided on keeping it low key. We don't even have Christmas lights outside on the house. We did go to our Lowe's tree farm ;) and pick out a great tree :)
 Colored lights this year! I knew this day would come. I stood in Walmart with a set of clear lights in my hand and a set of colored lights. I went back and forth. My kids opinion won, colored it was. The tree has grown on me with every morning seeing their little eye's light up again at how cool they think our tree is :)
 I love sitting on the couch in the mornings with my coffee in hand and gazing at our tree. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the "evolution" it has taken. From just one or two ornaments 8 years ago when Mike and I were first married to all kids of kiddo pictures and actual ornaments that bring tears to our eyes (well mine, not Mikes) when looked at. I can't wait to see what our tree will look like in 20 years!! :)
 It's the greatest thing seeing Christmas through Brody and Aubrie's eyes. Everything is so new and exciting. Brody is beginning to understand that we are celebrating Baby Jesus birthday. We have this little kid nativity set that they like to play with. B's main concerns are over Jesus mommy and daddy and where they are ;)
 Aubs girl had a big night, she moved into her big girl bed!! I promise you we do room rearrangements every couple months! But she did perfect! There was no late night sneaking out, there was no early morning rising. She stayed snuggled on her pillow under her blankets the whole night! Now the crib is ready and free for a little tiny baby boy :)
 Then just some cute pictures. They found some slippers and needed to wear them. Poor Aubs is always getting boy things ;) Note to Grandmas....girl slippers for Aubrie!
At least Brody has warm feet, right?? ;)