Monday, April 21, 2014

Destin sunshine!

Vacation couldn't have come at a more perfect time! We were all needing a desperate break from the craziness of life here. This transition to being a family of 5 has worn me out to the core. I honestly say the only thing holding me together was knowing the break vacation would bring! After our trip to Colorado last summer with our extended family we decided it's something we wanted to do yearly. Because last year was mountains it was a no brainer that the ocean was calling our name this year :) So us, Meghan, my aunt/uncle and cousins from Wisconsin and aunt from Iowa  all braved the drive and met in Destin, Florida. We rented a BEAUTIFUL home just a couple houses from the ocean. It was PERFECT!!!! These pictures are all out of order!
 We were spoiled in our neighborhood! About a 2 minute walk to the beach, a heated pool and hot tub,  and a gated small community with such little traffic! Renting a house is the way to go. We loved all being so close but yet having our "own space". It was such fun making dinners for each other and just hanging out!
 My Aunt Jodie and Aubrie have such a special bond! Jodie spoiled Mike and I  at waking up when our kids woke in the morning and telling us to go back to sleep! She would even walk into our room to get our crying baby and send us back to sleep :) Oh how rested we feel!
 Brody got some great beat up time with my cousin, Caleb!
 Brody and Libby were quite the pair. They were always on the look for sea shells :)
 Some bragging on myself! We made friends with our neighbors who had 2 paddle boards. We all got to take them out! Above is me and I actually stood up on it! The water freaks me out so I was super hesitant on doing this. But it turned out to be my most favorite part of the trip. Being out on the paddle board was so peaceful and beautiful. A wave did attack my board and I fell into the water, but I think doing something so out of my comfort zone made it so exhilarating!

 The Parks dude did so wonderful! He just tagged along wherever we went :)
 This is all B and A wanted to do one the beach. Dig holes and fill them with water :) The sand and ocean were brand new to them. It was fun watching them "discover" how to play on it! Aubrie wouldn't touch the water, the movement scared her. Brody liked it only up to his ankles and hated the saltiness of it!

 Mike and I were just simply spoiled by the time we go together! We took a few walks on the beach on even went out on a date! :)
 Pretty sure baby boy was made for this!!

 The kids were PERFECT on the drive! The way there we made a 14 hours drive in under 16 hours and the way home 15 hours! We are turning them into road trippers!
 We stopped at the Florida Welcome Center because we had some time to burn before we could get into our house. If you ever go to Florida via car, stop at the Welcome Center! Very kiddo friendly AND you get free orange juice! ;)
My Aunt Jill and Caleb watched the 3 kids while Mike and I went out! They had a blast and even packed everyone up and headed to the beach and that's where we found them when we returned. Super impressed!!
Just a beautiful trip and wonderful time with family! Destin was a perfect destination with some of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen! Super family friendly! This is definitely a place we will return to! Can't wait to see where next year will take us!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Last page of this chapter....

We are turning the last page on this current chapter in the Kaelber family. Mike officially announced to the teens that he would be resigning as their youth pastor June 22. Wow, it's even scary to write that! The last several months (well actually over a year now) we have felt the Lords leading for Mike out of youth ministry and into the college realm. The biggest question is, "Where did Mike get a job? Where are we moving to?" Well folks, he has no job after June 22! This can only be from the Lord because it really does seem absolutely ridiculous! He will become a stay at home dad while beginning his doctorate!! Actually he begins his doctorate today :) I will continue to work at the hospital and hopefully be able to go on full time come June or July. So we will be sticking around in the 'Ville. I never thought that would bring me so much joy! This place has really grown on me ;)

So that's our news. Does it make sense? Not really. Is it a safe thing to do? Who knows. Is this the biggest leap of faith either of us has ever taken? Absolutely! We choose a word at the beginning of this year to focus on a word. The word is "Trust" that centers around the book of Joshua. "Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged. For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go," Joshua 1:9. If you read Joshua, especially the first chapter, God simply just calls him to action. He doesn't reveal to Joshua His whole plan and how He's going to direct it,  instead just says, "..I will give you every place where you step your foot" vs. 3. We know without a doubt that God has moved Mike's heart to college students we just have no clue how we are going to get there. God has only revealed the next steps for us which are to resign from the church, begin working on his doctorate and me to continue working. This all freaks the heck out of me! But I'm so excited to take this leap of faith, having no clue where God is going to take us, knowing we are in the center of His will, and having no choice but to trust in Him, alone! So here we go, beginning to turn the last page on this chapter. Scary, excited, sad, and hopeful all rolled into one :)

On a lighter note. The hiking season has begun! Mike and Brody took their first one of the year last weekend. Brody got to test out his new Camelback ;) I guess the water part was in his mouth the whole time :) They had a blast! Mike always talked about, before we had kids, how he was excited to go on hikes with his boys one day. It's really neat to see that day come. Excited for the Parks dude to be able to tag along :)