Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our camping debut

We have accomplished our very first family camping night in our new camper! We’ve had the camper now sense April (maybe, its been awhile at least) and there have been many, many, many repairs that needed to be done. Due to the absolute steal we got it for off of Craigslist, its okay (we keep telling ourselves). So finally it was “campable” last week!! Due to the excessive heat of 100+ degrees everyday this month, we knew we were kinda foolish to go out but we just couldn’t wait any longer! What better way to test the ac right??
Mike, Brody, Gunner, Trigger and I had SOOOOO much fun! The camper took a bit to cool off, but by the time we went to bed it was a chilling 20 degrees cooler inside then it was outside. We were also one of only 3 other campers at this huge campground, so it was great very quiet and relaxing. We hung out inside mostly because the heat was just horrible. At about 10 pm though it was maybe 90 degrees outside and actually felt kinda nice so Mike and I spent about 2 hours talking, playing games and laughing (exactly what camping is all about!). It was also great to be able to look up at this night sky and gaze at the stars remembering how small we are and how great, awesome and powerful our Lord is. It's truly when I'm camping at night and looking up at the stars is when I feel the closest to Him. It's the reason I LOVE camping so much is because it draws us to much nearer to our Savior! Thank you Father for great nights like these!

We all had such a blast even though we were only out at this park for about 18 hours (so hot out!). Mike and I are so excited for all the family memories/traditions (good and bad) camping will bring our family. Its fun to look at this little pop up we have and think that someday (soon!) it will be too small for the Kaelber crew due to Brod's brother and sisters :) I just love beginning traditions and this is really the first one that  isn't just Mike and I. Oh Lord, thank you for the gift of family!
The camper is at the camper place receiving, hopefully, it's last bit of repairs before our big vacation to Colorado Springs in a couple weeks!! We are camping in this great park in the Rockies! It gets even better because my family from Wisconsin will be joining us for the week! We can't wait!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pouring rain

When it rains, it pours here at the Kaelber home. Just this week we’ve been busy taking the camper in because it wouldn’t pop up, dealing with the insurance company at getting a new roof and trying to figure out our broken dishwasher (which is quite the story, and hundreds of dollars later is fixed!!) Mike and I aren’t repair people by any means (it’s frustrating and annoying) and well so…..we’ll just say this week will be better J  Don't let the smile below on Mike's face make you think he was having fun, he was only having fun because Brod was being a ham watching him! :) Mike is installing the new dishwasher (he did a great job by the way!) because after a repair man came out twice to fix the problem he just kinda said we needed a new one because the timing something was done with. Once the new one was installed, we discovered IT HAD THE SAME PROBLEM AS THE OLD ONE!!! GGGRRRRRRR!!!! No timing issue here just an electrical issue. So after two visits from an electrician and a almost burnt down home we have a brand new dishwasher and an all right one sitting in the garage. You almost just have to laugh, right???
Brod has started smiling when he sees the camera come out. I tell ya this kid was made for Hollywood :)

On a random note, families from the church have been lining up to watch the B Man! So Mike and I have been enjoying weekly date nights! Once home even requested the pups be brought over as well!! It has been so much fun and such a great thing to look forward to during the week. We even went mini golfing one of the dates, we truly felt like we were dating again. Love, love, love spending great, fun quality time with Mike. Yes, we miss B lots, but it's so great for us to get away and focus on each other. And I really think B likes getting away from us! He has SOOOOO much fun going over to
other people's homes for a few hours. Next step will be to try to get away for a few days. Mike and I are ready, so hopefully soon!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

6 months

All right...will someone please tell us where the pause button is? Somehow last week I gave birth to an absolutely perfect 5 lb 15 oz baby boy and now we have a 15 1/2 lb 6 month old!! Really!!?? How does this happen?? Sweet man...slow down!
The transition from 5 months to 6 months has been your biggest few weeks of growing. You really are a totally different boy than what you were only 4 short weeks ago.

  • You have accomplished rolling over! Not just once, but over and over and over! There has been a couple times we've moved furniture out out of the way to allow you to cruise ;)
  • First sickness......check! You've overcome your double ear infection. Sense winning that battle we all feel like warriors and can tackle anything :)
  • Being swaddled....say goodbye! After a LONG 5 nights of learning, teaching and guiding you, you can now sleep with freedom. Every morning is such a surprise of where and how we will find you in your crib. You've loved scooting yourself into the upper right corner with your little head barricaded into it. This does not look comfy, but it must be for you :)
  •  Everything continues to go into your mouth. That is why I like the picture above so much because it encompasses so much of who you are
  • You have now tasted rice, barely, carrots, squash, peas, mangoes, bananas and peaches. You love them all (especially the fruit) however...your still not a fan of those green peas :)
  • Size 2 diapers during the day and then a size 3 at night.
  • You usually sleep on your belly now. We place you on your back, however, you immediately flip over. I had such a difficult time letting you do this! The first week I think I checked on you more than I did when you were a newborn! I called your doctors office for advice and also bugged him a few times when I saw him at the hospital! I'm sorry your momma is a worry wort! Just get used to it sweet B :)
  • You now go to the church nursery and love it! This last week there were 4 other little ones who were crying when their mommy and daddies dropped them off. You on the other hand sat on the lap of a worker and smiled and giggled at the other babies.
  • And finally....this is what I saw you doing when I came home from work yesterday! Newest development is sitting up all by yourself! I'm not sure if I want to smile or cry when I look at the picture above, you are beginning to be a little man all before our eye's. I'm afraid to go to sleep tonight because when I wake up I fear you will be asking for the car keys next.
Again, I can't say it enough sweet Brody how much we love you! We praise the Lord for you at least a million times a day! Our prayers remain the same for you as every month goes by: that you will come to know Him and have a deep, personal relationship with Him at such a young age.