Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My 3 favorite products!

 Rodan and Fields

I just love my Rodan+Fields products! I'm grateful that my skin has never looked so great! On the other hand I'm kinda sad I waited so long to try these wonderful products! I'm still in disbelief at times when I voluntarily tell others to look at my skin, because I've always tried to hide behind my makeup. I've NEVER wanted anyone to ever purposefully study my skin before. Using these products and doing this business really has been such a fun blessing! Thankful I jumped on board! :)

Below are 3 of my favorite products. I use the Unblemish regime at night with the face wash and lotion in the morning. The super cool tool in the picture is the Macro Exfoliator. Once a week for 5 minutes, it leaves you with brighter and softer skin as it sucks off millions of dead skin cells! Gross but super cool ;) So three kiddos at home pretty much necessitates my need for the Multi-Function Eye Cream! Goodbye to my sleepy bags and darkness that were around my eye's sense having Brody! Then the Mineral Peptide Powder is just fun to use if I get ready in the day (an any mom, some days we don't even get to shower!). Once on, it helps to even out my skin tone. It also has SPF in it!

 I would just LOVE to be able to help you get some awesome skin also! Click here and visit my website Rodan+Fields :) Everything comes with a 60 day, money back, empty bottle guarantee! Lets talk soon!!!