Friday, April 17, 2015

 Easter snuck up on us so quickly! I absolutely hate that it does that! I LOVE Easter. I love celebrating New life in Christ, it's so exciting! But...year after year, I feel like I drop the ball! Lets did we celebrate....We read from the actual Bible every night that week (no little kids devotional Bible), Easter Egg hunt at Church and Easter Morning we made Resurrection Rolls (crescent rolls wrapped around a marshmallow and then baked) Yummy!! The only thing I got pics of was the Easter Egg hunt, huuummm......
 Our attempt at an all kid pic ;)
 We choose pictures now days based on if Mike and I look good ;) Is there any hope for this family of 5 to take a decent looking picture?!
 For Christmas I got Mike tickets to the Thunder/Spurs Game. We like both teams but he LOVES the Spurs! The game was last week. I then surprised him for his bday this month with staying the night in OKC after the game! Wow, was we surprised!! We had a blast! A full 24 hours with NO kids! :)
 We are done with any type of surgeries from here on out! I can only pray, right!? This time it was Parker's turn. He needed to get a clogged tear duct unclogged. Turns out he had an actual membrane grown over the duct, so there was no way it would have resolved on it's own. The night before Brody specifically prayed that Parker would be "brave and strong". Oh my word, melt my heart!
Quick surgery, sad little boy. It was awful when I got to see him. He was still coming out of the anesthesia so of course he looked like my Parker. But his breathing, his whimpering, the look he gave me, NOTHING was my Parker! I kept telling the nurse that I knew he was fine, but this wasn't my boy at all. I kinda felt like he didn't recognize me :( Then after about 15 minutes he just snapped and was my Parks man again. PHEW!! I felt so bad for him. He's doing great now! Gunky eye is gone, he's just fighting like 3 more wicked teeth and that's making him miserable!

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