Friday, June 12, 2015

Road trip out West!

Our family vacation turned out to be a trip out west! We left Bartlesville and drove through the night to Albuquerque.  Stayed the night with my aunt and uncle in New Mexico and then kept driving till we arrived in California. 2 LONG days of driving, but we made it! It was our yearly Memorial Day trip with our friends.

Our group! It's so fun to see how much we grow each year!

Then headed to the desert! Joshua Tree National Park in the Mojave Desert. Camping in the desert is CRAZY!!! We will probably never do it again, but it was by far our most favorite destination.
Sand EVERYWHERE! No shade ANYWHERE! Kids had to wear mandatory hats anytime outside. We even had to go into town the afternoon in order to get shade. Crazy! But goodness, the stars at night were incredible because we were out in the middle of no where!
So now I'm learning these pics are so out of order! Our last stop was in Durango, Colorado. We LOVE Durango! Stayed at an awesome KOA Campground that was super kid friendly! Here the kiddos are mining for gems :)
After the desert we went to Sedona, Arizona. Beautiful place for some awesome hikes.
This was at my Aunts in New Mexico. She spoiled us big time!
Spent the afternoon at the Science Museum! The kids loved it!
LOVE this pic! It's true life when you travel thousands of miles with 3 kids. Look at the disaster in the van!
Back at the ocean :)
All the kiddos :)

I mentioned how great our campsite was in Durango. They had a duck race for the kids! Brody ended up winning!
And...they even had an outdoor restaurant we went to each morning for pancakes :)
Our absolute favorite activity....riding bikes through Durango! Such an awesome day!
Of course, when momma wants a super cute kiddo pic...I get this! Real life!
Our last night was a beautiful hotel stay in Amarillo, TX. Its great to live in your camper for a week....but it's SUPER great to stay in a hotel also ;) 
What an awesome trip! 2 weeks, over 3,000 miles, and 6 states....we have a pretty cool family :)

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