Monday, June 24, 2013

Our camera has been broke for a few weeks and so not too many pictures. Mike was the one who finally caved and braved the 2 hour car drive to get the thing fixed. Living in a small town definitely has it's perks but goodness it also has it's negatives when you have to drive so far to the largest city.
 Our sweet and great babysitter has been putting pig tails in Aub's girls hair. OH. MY. WORD. Too cute! :)
Our first outside play set was received today! Got it for a whopping $30 from a friend and it's just perfect.

 My favorite part of it is the smiles it brings these two faces :)

Brody has been loving "exploring it" and calling it the "Clubhouse". I think this was one of the only times I caught him actually going down the slide on his bottom ;)

Can you tell who the one with no fear is? Oh my son, he is a monkey I tell you! Aubrie is slowly learning how to climb the ladder, she's so cute as she tries so hard with such dedication :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Floors and Cousins

We placed new floors in our home! It was a crazy, crazy week but goodness was it all worth it!
 Here is a snap shot of our old flooring in the kitchen. Mike tore this up, the carpet in the living room and hallway and broke up the tile in the foyer.

 As with most house projects, I'm not sure what we were thinking. I imagined it to be no big deal to keep the kiddos here in the house. I saw us going on with our normal lives. About midnight on the second work day after pulling up nails I realized I can't keep the kids in the house!
 So....the next morning after our picnic breakfast the kids and I packed up and drove to Oklahoma City to spend time with the cousins :) Duh!!! Why didn't we do this sooner?! While daddy worked away (now this is the kind of house work I can do ;)
The kid's were in heaven! 
 We love being with the cousins!!
 They even have an Oklahoma City Thunder bathroom!! What??!! This caused for some MAJOR excitement each and every time B had to go potty :) The rule was no shooting hoops until the toilet lid is closed ;) 
 Stayed up late, woke up SUPER early, got to watch TV, can life really get much better for a 2 year old?

 We had a blast while daddy worked away! Hmmm....what other projects can we start on now.. :)

We returned to the most beautiful home we've ever lived in :) Mike did WONDERFUL!!! We love our wood floors, love them, love them, love them! I love only having carpet in the bedrooms. I will never again have carpet in the living areas, never! A huge pet peeve  of mine is shoes on the carpet, I mean huge! Really, I cringe every time I see it and my heart does a tiny heart attack. I still cringe when I see shoes on my floors but the great thing is I can get on my hands and knees and scrub those shoe germs up! :) It's just beautiful :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Camping! We had a blast! We just went to a cute state park about 15 minutes from our house and planned it to be simple. Simple as in one night, hot dogs for dinner and lunch and warm up pancakes for breakfast :) Couldn't have had a better plan.

 The reason for just a simple overnight is the stage Aubrie is at, crawling. She just doesn't have much fun being confined to a blanket, she wants to be doing what we are doing. So until the chica is walking, we will do over nighter camping adventures close to home ;)
 Brody loves, loves, loves being outside, so of course he was in heaven!
 Trigger kept thinking the blankets we layed down for Aubs were for him :)
 I know this pictures is blurry, but I love the true joy and everyone's face :) I love being with my family and making these great memories with them. We stay up way to late and wake up WAY too early ;)

I'm not sure if we are going through a mid life crisis or what but Mike and I planned a CRAZY camping trip for September. We are heading out to Zion National Park, Arches National Park and Bryce Canyon. Yep, all 4 of us with our camper. Are we crazy?! Surely not, right??

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm so behind! We FINALLY got the camper out last week and I have pictures but I haven't figured out how to get them off my phone. So stay tuned, because they are really great :)
 Grandpa's old hair cutting cape has received a new customer! :) It was time for B's summer cut, one which I'm very comfortable giving. Nothing says summer more than a buzz cut on a 2 year old ;)

 I love these pictures above! To the left is Aubrie and the right is Brody when he was Aub's age. They aren't allowed on the dishwasher but once (to get a picture). The funny part is it took B maybe 5 seconds to get the nerve to climb up the dishwasher and it took Aubrie about 10-15 minutes! I absolutely love how different the two are. It definitely keep us on our feet and never knowing what we are doing ;)