Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mike and I have been having so much fun this last week just knowing I'm growing a boy inside of me! It's been great looking at nursery ideas, colors and even name books knowing that we only need to look at boy things. Even though I'm even more out numbered now with Mike, Gunner, Trigger and sweet little K, I couldn't be happier :) I love all my boys so much! This weekend Mike & I are heading down to Tulsa to register for all things baby. We've been researching everything totally feeling like first time parents :) It's crazy to think how quickly our interests have taken a shift lately. We have been glued to the Internet watching stroller videos and reading review after review. This weekend should be fun :)

 I've been battling a cold the last couple days which has taken a toll on me and just don't really care for being cruddy. It's been hot again so I'm trying to stay cool with my legs elevated. I've always had some varicose veins on my leg but lately they have been getting darker (Dr. Craig is fully aware of this) so my support stockings have been being worn at work and legs are kicked up when I'm home. Other than that and being tired, life has been good. This sweet boy of ours is for sure his fathers child as he is always moving in my belly, always! I love his little movements! I'm beginning to think he's going to give us a run for our money as soon as he makes his debut :) Mike came to the hospital this last weekend and I hooked myself up to the ultrasound machine. At one point sweet little man had both of his hands above his head as he pounded on my belly! He's 100% boy! Below is my 21 week picture. I wish I could start looking half way put together in these pics, however, it's just so hot out to even get ready!
Also Meghan is busy with soccer as she made her soccer debut today. She started at her very first college soccer game :) Great job Liz!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boy crazy!

Little K is a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a son!!! :) Whoohoo!! He looked picture perfect on the ultrasound today, growing exactly to par! The ultrasound due date is January 4 and the actual due date is January 6th so it all matches up. He is just so perfect :) I'm attaching a picture, it's not the greatest because it's me taking a pic of the ultrasound picture but it's a great shot of his perfect, sweet little head. We took a video also if only we can figure out how to put it into the blog ;)
His head is on the right if that helps :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's a great job :)

I just needed to brag a bit about my job :) I love, love, love it! Not only because of what I'm learning and being around mamma's, but of because how I spent a break of mine today. Another nurse and I went back to a labor room, hooked up the ultrasound machine and watched Little K wave to us along with listening to the greatest sound ever.....sweet little one's heart beat. I got to see little ones fingers, arms, head (even it's suture lines!) How I continue to be amazed at what the Lord continues to mold together. I keep singing, "We will praise you together, for now and forever, how awesome is the Lord most high!" Today marks 20 weeks!! Little K is the length of a banana and weighs 10.5 oz! We'll know in 6 days (Wednesday) if we will be adding a son or a daughter to our family :) What are your guesses?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Since paradise.....

Not even 20 minutes after we returned from Kauai we were greeted by my brother, and sisters! Adam and Meghan are down for college. This will be Adam's 3rd year and Meghan's first year. So we gladly hosted our home to 3 family members and a friend of Adam's! It was a whirlwind of fun :) We moved Adam into the dorms that next day and then Meghan the next. We love having them down here!!! So little to say come last Sunday night, we had a very messy and quiet home!
Monday brought both of us going back to work, Wednesday night we had an event for the incoming 6th graders and then today getting caught up on laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping. I think it's safe to say we are all caught up!
Little K is growing like crazy. I can feel the baby moving all over, sadly Mike hasn't felt it yet. My appetite is almost back to normal. I had two salads this week (they used to make me puke) and a frappachino today! Today marks week 19! I think it's safe to say a little baby bump has taken place :) We have a doctor appointment in a week and a half that we should be finding out if little K is a girl or boy! :)
Also....Bartlesville has become the next Los Angeles I guess!!! Ben Afflect, Jennifer Garner and baby have been spending the week here! They will be shooting a movie here in the fall! We can't believe it either! Yesterday Meghan and I tried to find them but everywhere we went, they had just left. They will be visiting the college sometime this week, so Meghan is on official watch! Word has it that Chrisian Bail will be back in town (he was here about a year ago) along with Rachel McAdams here soon! Maybe our days of stardom have just begun :)

Your beauty Lord, I know it captures me.....

Finally, following is a small preview of our Kauai vacation! We loved every second of this trip. It was a much needed time of getting away together to relax be able to experience more of the Lord's beauty on this earth. A song we listened to often while sitting on the beach was Jeremy Camps "Capture Me". This song encompasses exactly how we would describe our trip:

Your beauty Lord, I know it captures me
Your sweet embrace, it brings me to my knees
Oh, the love You show it pours over me
You opened up my heart and made a home in me
You lifted up the weight the wold has placed on me
Oh, You capture me, oh Lord, You capture me

Enjoy :)

This was our view from our room. We loved waking up and listening to our Bible on the I-pod watching as the waves came in.
Hitting the Napali Coast Trail. We spent 2 nights and 3 days. We should have done 22 miles but made 15. At 7.5 miles in, I no longer felt safe taking Little K any further, so we turned around.
The views from this trail were the most beautiful sites our eye's have EVER seen!
Night 2 this was our campsite, right on the beach! Even better we were 2 of 6 people on this beach!
This was our spot as we watched the sun set and see the new day come.
Yes, this trail kicked our butts, but it was worth every view we saw.

We went to a Luau and ate like royalty!
Mike would easily say this was the best meal he has ever had in his life! :) He went back for 3rds even! I almost needed to roll him out.
We found a great local farmer's market taking place. We bought a coconut and drank the milk. Mike didn't mind it, but I just wasn't a fan. We got lots of fresh pineapple, mangos, and passion fruit to make fresh smoothies at our cottage!
This was my highlight of the trip, an afternoon bike ride along the coast.
This dessert is an absolute favorite of some friends of ours, so we were excited to try it! Hula Pie at Dukes, so good!!!! Chocolate cookie crust, vanilla ice cream, macadamia nuts, whipped cream and an ocean of hot fudge! We came back later in the week to experience it again :)
We loved exploring the different beaches, and letting the Hawaiian sun bake our skin!
Behind us is a waterfall we kayaked and hiked to! Getting to swim in the water was very refreshing!
You can't end the day without a evening sunset stroll on the beach
Our last night, the resort offered smores on the beach. It was a perfect ending to a great vacation!
Here is Mike's prized souvenir, a real machete! We found this backpacking and he was determined to get it home. For safety, Mike spent a morning widdling a bamboo stick to place on the blade. I was terrified going through security at the airport thinking we were going to be arrested. But it was tucked into the checked baggage and it arrived with us back in the 'ville.
We had a 5 hour layover in LA on the way home from 5:00am to 10:00am. Our sweet friend, Heather, woke up at 3:30 to pick us up at the airport and had breakfast with us till we needed to leave. It was so great to see her! :)
So that was a glimpse into our Hawaiian paradise vacation!!! We can't wait to go back again, and we really think that everyone needs to go!!