Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Brody enjoyed his first halloween as Bam Bam! His momma and daddy (Barney and Betty) had a great time also :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

 I'm beginning to think we have a monkey on our hands.......
 "Yes, mom......"
I've never seen a kid move so fast in my life. I see many, many, many bruises in this boy's future!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The last week

We have sure been busy this last week. Family visiting from Iowa last weekend, Brody and I being sick Tuesday, camping Wednesday through Friday and tooth number 2 beginning to poke through, we are all a bit worn out today. Here are a few pics to highlight the week:
B Man loves standing and is slowly letting go of using his arms as support. We've been wanting to get him a "walker" type toy thing, so we ventured out today. He is a big fan of the blocks that came with this train versus anything to do with the train itself ;)
The other day I took my eye off of B for a few minutes. I went looking for him and here is what I found :) These two are such sweet buds.
 We had so much fun with family from Iowa down here! Grandpa was convinced he could make a snuggler out of the boy and get him to fall asleep on him.....we told him otherwise ;) He resulted to pulling the rocking chair next to his crib as they both drifted to sleep, Brod in the crib and grandpa in the chair.
Mike made the game Cornhole (and did such a great job at it!).
The weekend ended with a bonfire in the backyard.
I need to update the camping pictures so those will come later. We camped with some friends and Aunt Meghan came with us. Mike got sick the first night and after the second night of Meghan getting sick we ended our trip a day early. But really, if no one was puking it was a fun and relaxing time :) We can now say though that the flu bug has hit us all! So we are safe for winter right...???
We are so glad these safety corers have more then one use :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkin family

Our pumpkin family :)
 Then we got to decide how we wanted to enjoy our pumpkins....
 Mike carved his out. This guy sits at our living room window. We all get a kick out of "Jack".
 I wanted to puree mine. Say hello to pumpkin everything for awhile! Yum, yum! Unfortunately Brod's pumpkin met it's death very early :( It became VERY moldy, big bummer!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

9 months

 Sweet man you are 9 months old now! What a month of change!
  • You weigh 17 1/2 pounds and are 28 inches long. That puts you in the 10% for weight (oh little peanut) and the 50% for height!
  • You have a half of a tooth! It's almost all the way through. The pain and torture of it is over (until the next one at least)!
  • Months of teaching you clapping has finally paid off :)
  • You hate, hate, hate veggies. You have developed strong preferences and do not budge. We have learned the art of bribing you though. So with every bite of veggies you get a puff or a yogurt bite, yum yum! We've also introduced you to turkey and and chicken that your not a fan of. You love fruit though.
  • Anytime music is turned on, you break out in a move. Your hands go up and your hinny jiggles. Your a great dancer.
  • You don't stay still one bit. We make you take mandatory "rest breaks" while you are playing due to sweat forming on your forehead. 
The picture below is great because it shows off your tiny toother!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

 There is a way fun pumpkin farm that is just minutes away from our house. Mike and I have never really gone before. What a fun afternoon we all had :)

 This place had everything! We began our time on the swings and then headed for the hay-rack ride that brought us to the pumpkins.
 Due to the lack of rain, the farm wasn't able to grow their own pumpkins. So they bought tons and layed them out in the field. The decisions were difficult as to what pumpkins were coming home with us. If you look real hard you'll see a cute little boy in the midst of the pumpkins ;)
 Aunt Meghan was with us also :)
 We saw a picture taken just like this on Pintrest, had to do it ;)
 We spent time at the petting zoo and what fun! Brod learned what goats, chickens, lambs and little piglets were.
 The little piglets even let B touch them! This was huge because all the adults were trying to catch them, and this little one felt like B was safe :)
What a great fall family day! Happy Fall :)