Sunday, August 31, 2014

Oh, when things don't go as planned

So, want to know something crazy? Here it is, we were to be moving our entire lives tomorrow to Oklahoma City! I haven't written about this yet because I've been too emotional about the whole situation. But here I write to add this "event" to the story of our lives.

The beginning of July Mike got a big bite on a job being a Campus Chaplin at a Christian college in OKC. After MULTIPLE interviews and even an overnight drive down there, we felt like this was exactly where the Lord was leading our family. There was not one hesitation about this move nor how quick this would all happen. Yes, of course it was crazy insane but our hands were open to where the Lord was leading and we TRULY believed this was where the next chapter was opening.
Mike accepted the job and we were preparing for a big move in a matter of 3 weeks! I've realized there is SO much more involved in a move than just simply packing up your lives. So much emotional energy goes into it that what I realized. We had to come to peace about uprooting our lives here in the 'Ville. That was HARD! We've really come to LOVE small town life, we've really made some dear sweet friends (that brought me to tears to imagine saying goodbye to), I love my job at the hospital and I was so sad to leave it, Brody was enrolled for preschool and we've gotten to listen to him the past year telling us where he was going to school every time we drove past it ;) I was so sad to put all that to rest and change the plan. BUT, with the Lord's help, Mike and I came to peace with it all and were so excited about this next step. We packed up over 1/2 our stuff to put it in a storage garage, cleaned every nook and cranny and a For Sale sign sat in our yard. We were ready. 
Then literally at a drop of a hat EVERYTHING changed. We were getting ready for a big moving garage sale when Mike got off the phone and told me the package the college had previously offered (and that he accepted) had changed and there was a huge miscommunication. What was now being offered would have made me need to work full time also. Having both of us working full time does not line up with our family goals. We had to put our family first. Yes, even though Mike would have thrived at this job (oh my! he would have done GREAT!) we just couldn't do it. It was a tough call Mike made to un-accpet the job.
What a blow! Yes, we may have been a bit dramatic about it all, but it kinda felt like a death. We had reached a goodbye point here in the 'Ville and all of a sudden we were needing to revert back. I had already given my 2 weeks notice at work so I needed to make sure I still had a job (thankfully I did!), got Brody re enrolled for school, called our realtor, and moved back into our home. It's been a roller coaster of a ride to say the least! 
I'm not upset with the Lord, really I'm not. Yes, I admit in being all human, there have been times where I just haven't cared to spend time with Him because well maybe I guess I am a bit upset. Yea, I was upset. I was upset with how much energy we put into this. How much we sought His guidance, and how we just blindly trusted Him. We really thought this was where He was leading and then this sudden roadblock. But here is where faith comes in and where I wont waiver! He does have a plan in all of this, I know that without a doubt! This goes back to our family word for the year, "Trust" from a verse in the book of Joshua "Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your god will be with you wherever you go."
We've returned to the original plan. And are doing great with it! I'm working at the hospital and Mike continues to work on his doctorate while staying home with the kids. Yesterday he really told me seriously how he likes being home and I was able to seriously tell him how much I enjoy working. We are all happy :) The added extra family time has been awesome! In fact we have even planned a camping trip out to the Smokey Mountains this next month. We will soak up every bit of time we get together and are so thankful! Maybe the next time we think we are moving we wont mention it until we are pulling out of our driveway with the moving truck all loaded ;)
Our kids were SO happy to not leave their sweet friends!
This is how I found the kids the other day. They brought in all their blanket and pillows to Parker's crib. I added Parker to the chaos, can you find him? ;)
Nothing cuter then a little baby crack ;)
Parks is getting so big!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

First day of School!

 Today was the day our oldest FINALLY got to go to school! ;) I say finally because I'm pretty sure he's been begging to go to school sense the day he was born. The last year he's been so excited to drive past his school and point out E.V.E.R.Y. time where is was. He was made for this I'm almost certain ;)
 So I'm not crafty or even have the time to think ahead and to be crafty. I've seen kids take pictures with cool chalk boards for fancy pictures pointing out their first day. I brilliantly got out my computer and printer and printed this black and white beauty ;)
 Funny faces :)
 I was proud of myself, not too many tears! As we prayed in the van together I got a bit chocked up, but held it together very well!
 This is Brody's friend, Carter. They met up before school and compared water bottles and back packs! Melt my heart!
 Walking to his classroom. Aubrie was a bit jealous that she didn't get to stay also. I think though she's going to LOVE the added attention at home ;)
 Somehow Brody knew exactly what to do. He walked in and said "hi" to his teacher, put his backpack away, grabbed his markers and sat at his seat to color. He was oblivious to us even leaving. He was so ready to get the camera out of his face!

One last look at my sweet, grown up boy before releasing him to the world! Well gosh, now I'm going to cry! He is going to love school! Why we choose this pre-school is that it's M-W-F from 9:30-12:00. So just a short little bit to get him used to being away. He had such a great time!! He brought home a book order form and has LOVED looking though and re-looking through it. I didn't feel old taking him to school but I feel old seeing him be excited about the book order! I remember bringing home book orders and begging my parents to let me get book ;)