Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We have some serious cuteness going on in this Kaelber home lately!
 Sweet Aubrie is smiling and beginning to to chat :) She is having a bit longer awake times but still is one laid back chica that LOVES to sleep!
 We continue to get more into a regular schedule and I feel we are at one currently that we can sink our feet into. I love schedules and knowing what the day entails especially with being home with 2 little ones. Things just go so much for smoothly :)
Brody has room time every day for 30 minutes. As soon as the timer went off today this is what I found; a sound asleep boy snuggling his ball! Oh my!! I really just can't get over this cuteness! B is talking non stop. We are working on using his "kind words". He's pretty good once he's reminded about them :) Me, Aubrie and him were playing together the other day. He had a rattle and was shaking it every so gently in front of her for at least 5 minutes! Cute, cute, cute! Life is good, God is good! :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

 At 6 weeks old, Aubs weighs in at 10 pounds even! Look at those chunky, chunky cheeks!
 She is such a snuggler :) We are trying to teach her the art of self soothing though....It's not working.
 Have I said that big brother LOVES his little sister yet?
 Snuggling in bed together :) We ask Brody what you do with a pillow and he quickly lays his head down :) 
This is from this morning. Aubrie was starting to get a bit fussy so B quickly found her soothie and tried giving it to her. He truly is always looking out for her :) Between this boy and daddy, it's going to take one very special man to win this girls heart or even get close to her for that matter :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Olympics are over :( We were such dedicated fans that the TV was on all the time. We are all going through TV withdrawal now. Brody has never watched so much TV. He now walks around going "T,T,T" carrying the remote and pointing to the TV. He loved watching the Olympics as he would imitate what was going on. While track was on B would run laps in the house (he got pretty quick, Mike has actually gone from walking to chase him to needing to do a fast walk :) ), during volleyball he would hold a ball and try to spike it, while watching ribbon twirling (always a weird one, but yet so cool!) he would spin circles, swimming he would point out the water, and diving and gymnastics he would jump. We may have an Olympiad on our hands :) On a side note, I don't remember the commercials being so emotional in the past! Good grief I was a sobbing mess as each commercial was dedicated to mom's. Mike had the thought that the Hallmark channel with Olympic commercials would be the death of me. HA!

Besides withdrawal we are doing great! Miss Aubrie has officially slept through the night 3 times at 5 weeks old! Daytime sleep has been a bit of a struggle and self soothing is beginning to be taught. She just started to smile at us and is really good at following my voice with her eyes. She will stop crying when big brother hugs her and kisses her. They truly do have this really cool bond already!! I can't share enough how much he ADORES her! He is quick to get her burp rag if she doesn't have it, he loves burping her and rubbing her head. We are teaching him he can't point to her eye's as he points a bit too hard. We are just so, so, so proud of how he has adjusted to sharing attention :) Kids started back to school today and I had the thought that when B and A are in school A will be known as Brody's little sister and I love that! I remember how I loved being known as Eric's little sister in school and it just makes me a proud momma!

Last month we dedicated Aubrie to the Lord. We decided to do our own private ceremony for her instead of in front of the whole church. Dedications at our church have become impersonal and we've felt like just another number. We had it in the youth center and Mike got the opportunity to dedicate Aubrie.

 We invited our friends that have a large part in our lives in helping us raise our children. How great and encouraging it was to hear them pray over us for direction and guidance from the Lord in being parents!
 We provided lunch after and some delicious cake. It was a great time to eat and hang out visiting with everyone. This picture above makes me laugh. Mike and I were laughing because during the first shot of this pic, Brod quickly dove his hand down and grabbed the corner of the cake and quickly shoved his hand in his mouth! I really do think he was plotting this for some time :)
We did give him his own piece with a plate and silverware this time :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1 month!

One month has already flown my with our little miss Aubrie Marie and how sweet is she! I jotted highlights down B's first year and now with Aubrie they are so fun to go trough and compare the two. So here are a few highlights of what you are doing Miss Aubrie.
  • ·         Nursing every 3-31/2 hours and you nurse quick! So quick lots of times I question if you are eating enough. The scale says you weigh at least 9 lbs now, so I guess your getting enough.
  • ·         Wakes once in the night anywhere between 1 and 3 am to eat. Daddy gives an already pumped bottle and loves being up with you in the night (truly he really does!)
  • ·         HATES being sat up. So your not a fan of the swing (which we have already placed back in storage) or your bouncer or your car seat. We run out of places to put you trying to keep you out of the line of fire with your brother J So your held a lot or placed on the couch. When B is eating or taking nap is when you can have some good floor/tummy time.
  • ·         You’re a VERY loud sleeper! We were so glad to get you out of our room at night ;)
  • ·         Your such a laid back girl who LOVES to sleep! It's almost impossible to wake you up (even to eat!) When we force you to stay awake, you cry as if the world was falling apart! So lately your awake time is your screaming time.
  • ·         In newborn clothes but quickly growing out of them.
  • ·         People say you look a lot  like your momma :)
  • ·         Your brother LOVES and ADORES you! He is always concerned about where you are and what your doing :)
  • ·         We think you like being outside. We’ve only spent about 2 times outside (it’s been too hot to be out) but both those times you really enjoyed ;)
You are just such a precious gem and we’ve loved adding  you to our family!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

There is a new rule in place at the Kaelber home, no babies can be born in the middle of winter or middle of summer. We went stir crazy with B the first month after he was born with record breaking cold and making history with 2 blizzards. Now with Aubrie it's been record breaking heat like 110 degrees! I think we could bake an egg on the sidewalks kind of HOT!
 So how do we stay entertained? We wash the pups outside and let Brody run around naked! He loves it :) We visit daddy at work and run around in the youth center, along with walking around Wal-Mart (it's sad it know). We are going nuts!
 We have added to our family. He is a sweet little squirrel named Squid. He visits our patio and lounges in the shade. Even the squirrels are baking in this heat! B loves watching him and loves giving him fresh water and bread.
 We only have squid spotting's about once a day. But when B sees him he runs to the door points and laughs saying, "Squi, Squi momma!" I really enjoy this kind of pet not allowed in the house and easy upkeep :)
 Sweet girl continues to do great. Nice, easy and laid back. Packing on the pounds also! I took her to the hospital last Friday and she weighed 8 lbs 15 oz! Always a relief to know she is getting enough milk as she is quick nurser :)
We moved Auntie out this week and moved Aubs into her room. Always a bit sad moving the babies out of our room but oh so nice to have her out ;) She is just such a loud sleeper. We've been having tons of fun decorating her room. Pictures to come soon.