Friday, December 23, 2011

December highlights

 Well praise the Lord this week has brought about a good feeling momma! No Zofran or Ginger for me this week :) We went to the Dr. a couple weeks ago and got to see our tiny new peanut, perfect sight! We discussed the game plan for this pregnancy so that no "surprises" will come about at the last minute. The game plan includes ultrasounds every visit to measure growth, no complaining over here to get K2 every visit :) I'm definitely feeling as if I'm carrying a sweet and sassy little girl. I've felt much more sick and VERY grumpy. I'm shocked sometimes at what has been coming out of my mouth, oh Lord forgive me! 

Anyways...we are having fun introducing Christmas to the B Man. He loves the lights, presents, not Santa and hearing about Baby Jesus. The other night we took him to a drive thru light display and let him get out of his car seat and "drive". We ended up going around the display twice because he had so much fun! We may just have to do it again before the year is over.
 This month also brought a super fun overnight visit from the Kaelber kiddos (and their parents)! What do you get from 8 people and 2 dogs in one smallish house....lots of laughter, noise and fun :) Gunner and Trigger received more love in 36 hours then they have all year I'm sure of.
 Brod had been busy helping me around the house. He loves the vacuum! He always wants to push it when it's out. Great help I keep reminding myself ;)
 All smiles all the time :)
There are two words that always come out of this boys mouth. "Daddy" and "doggy". We are working on momma, the kid loves his daddy and doggies just that much though :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Round 2

  B has been all smiles these last few weeks as he thinks about his new responsibilities that will be coming up. That's right, the Brod Man is in training to be a BIG BROTHER!!!!! Yes, sometimes I think we are so crazy but couldn't be more excited about welcoming Kaelber baby #2 sometime around July 12th. A nice hot, summer baby :) So different from our freezing cold, blizzard boy ;)
At 9 weeks pregnant Momma is feeling alright, better and better by the day. Thankfully B takes 2 naps a day and so that means I've been taking 2 naps a day. My newest philosophy regarding our home is, "The dirtier it gets, the better immune system B will have" all true right?? I couldn't be more blessed with a such a great husband though! Mike has been wonderful at helping out! So the news is out and getting more excited by the day for our growing family :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

11 Months

I'm crying right now at the thought of this being the last update until I can officially say our little, tiny, baby son is 1! Where has this year gone? Is this really how fast children grow up? Really can someone please tell me where the pause button is because this is just too fast for me!
Some of the B Man's highlights this month:
  • We have a walker!! He took his first set of steps on our anniversary and the kid hasn't stopped sense.
  • B climbs on EVERYTHING!! He looks danger clear in the eye and laughs! He truly is a monkey as he uses Gunner or Trig as step stools to get on the couch or wherever. Maybe our fault for decorating his room with monkeys.
  • Weighs in at 18.5 lbs. I don't see a front facing car seat for this kids future anytime soon!
  • 2 teeth occupy his mouth as he eats pretty much whatever we eat. So much freedom in this, however, it sure does point out how "unhealthy" Mike and I sometimes eat.
 Brod met Santa last week! Oh how this boy was terrified! Considering he has never met a stranger we really didn't see this coming.
 I had these great visions of B sitting on his lap all by himself....
 He had a death grip on me anytime I tried to hand him over! So I had to settle for the 3 of us :)
Last week B had his first big time fall. We were all hanging out in our room when B tripped and did a face plant right into the medal frame of our bed (I envisioned pictures of the ER and everything as soon as I heard the crash). I grabbed him as blood was coming from his nose and mouth (Lord can this never happen again please!) and held his as he cried and daddy was wiping blood. Then in no more then 30 seconds Brod wanted down to continue to play. Really!! I wasn't emotionally ready to let him go yet, he needed his momma still!! He didn't see it that way unfortunately. Thankfully, other than a fat scabbed lip, as you can see a little of in the pic above, just a few tears and some blood. Thank you Lord for keeping your angles around this boy! I  have this feeling though, that with the fear B does not have, we will be making trips to the ER. Oh Lord prepare us for this! :)