Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Do you ever have any of those times where you really want something. Not like I can live without it, but it would be nice to have it. But I REALLY want it. Friends, I really want little Parker here! Every fiber in my being, every everything in me wants their little brother here. It's not the uncomforts of pregnancy that I'm wanting over (don't get me wrong I would LOVE to sleep on my belly, drink a fully caffeinated coffee and sit on the ground wrestling my children). This picture above just looks empty. Don't these two little faces just scream, "We need a third to get in trouble with!" And then the realities of having 3 kiddos under the age of 3 because a bit scary and overwhelming. Thoughts of "will my house ever be clean?, will we ever eat anything other than peanut butter and honey sandwiches, do we just look crazy to others, will we ever be able to find a babysitter for 3 kids?" sink in. I don't care, I'm ready for this boy to be here! We all are. His clothes are hung, his room is as ready as it's going to get. Yes, I admit he doesn't have everything that Brody and Aubrie had when we were anticipating their arrivals. A perfectly decorated room, new clothes that were in perfect condition, oh mercy not even a baby book. At points I get to the verge of saying a swear word about everything we did for them because now I just feel bad that it's not being reciprocated to #3. I've had third children tell me how awful their lives were because they were the third and just "forgotten" about. Now the teenage girl who told me that was already emotional and about to leave for college, so really I didn't take it too seriously. But, then I quickly remember this. Little Parker is so beyond loved at this moment and our lips haven't even touched his tiny face yet, can you imagine how much that love is going to burst at the seams the second he is placed in my arms!!???  Also he gets to come home to a brother and a sister, something we weren't able to give the other two kids when we brought them home. He will be one loved kid and so if he gets upset by feeling as if he were just an afterthought later on in life, Mike and I have done something wrong in raising him. So, with that sweet child in my belly, taking up way too much room and not having any room left for your self, it's time to come out or in Brody's words, "It's time to pop out of my belly" ;) You've baked long enough, come little boy, please come :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I just love how different my kiddos are! I'm amazed at at how Aubrie just picked up the girly aspect and Brody is ALL boy. I've said it before, but, she loves shoes, especially my boots :) She puts them right and and off she goes ;)
So that same day Aubrie was strutting around in my boots Brody was making a "ramp" that he could dive off of into the couch (all on his own, I was in the kitchen making lunch). Aubrie just watched him and was 100% unimpressed ;) Always amazed how there have been no visits to the ER..yet. For sure the angles surrounding him have got to be getting exhausted ;)
And then, they have super sweet, loving and tender moments. They love hard and fight hard. Trying so hard to teach Brody that we don't play with girls the same way we play with boys and trying to teach Aubrie not to steal his toys and spring away!
36 weeks and little boy is going strong! I don't think we've officially shared his name. Drum roll please......Parker Michael :) Last week in the office my belly began measuring small. So the one great thing about that is we get to do one of our many ultrasounds! :) Seeing him on that TV was the encouragement I had been needing. I layed on that bed sobbing my eye's out at how absolutely perfect he looked! Every bit of pain, every sleepless night, these darn restless legs....non of that compares to seeing our son and knowing we will be holding him sooooooo soon!!!! So completely worth it! He not only looked precious and perfect but even measured 1 week ahead! What!? My body doesn't know what to do with regular sized babies ;) So, plans are finalized. If Mr. Parker doesn't have a birthday set on his own, we will celebrate it with him being born February 13th. Just in time to wear his little Valentine's Day outfit home. Three weeks!! Brody keeps asking if baby Parker has popped out yet. We packed our hospital bag last night and I'm pretty sure Brody is thinking he will be going to the hospital with us because I find him stuffing some of his things in it also ;)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Brody!

A three year old!!! A three year old! I can't believe we have a three year old on our hands!!!!
The Brodster has been so excited for his birthday. So much so when he woke up January 1 and I told him happy birthday, he quickly said, "Don't say that momma! Not yet!" He was in disbelief that his day was actually and finally here :) He was a believer when he walked into the kitchen and saw his chair decorated in balloons and presents waiting for him. We had such a fun day celebrating our sweet big boy. Cinnamon rolls with apple juice for breakfast. We NEVER have juice, it's very rarely in the house. That being said, we had one SUPER happy kiddo :) Brody got to choose where to eat lunch. All he wanted was a quesidilla,  rice and beans. Mexican!! :) He wasn't a fan of our favorite Mexican restaurant once they began singing happy birthday to him though ;)
And FINALLY what he was waiting for eternity for (I know that's how it seems in little kid land at least) his Planes party!!! We kept with our Christmas lesson, simple, simple, simple. We had it at the church (no house prep) at 3:00 pm (no big meal, just fun snacks) and invited just a few friends. I see many more parties just like this in our future ;)
Brody choose pretzels, marshmallows, M&M's and popcorn for snacks :) All with cake/ice cream, punch and again apple juice boxes. It was perfect!
The kids got to run off all their winter energy and we got to visit with our friends. The room is big and empty with a closest FULL of kiddo toys. So we just let the kids have at it. They could run as fast, jump as high, be as crazy as they wanted! I loved it, nothing to break! Of course they used extreme caution around the snack table because no one wanted to loose that ;)
I love singing happy birthday to my kids. Each time I do, I hold everything in me from crying my eye's out. I get overwhelmed with all types of emotions. I think of how proud of them I am, how they are mine my kids (it's still a crazy concept to grasp) I'm beyond humbled the Lord has entrusted Mike and I to raise them, then I think back to the day they were born and holding their tiny bodies. I never knew that silly song of celebration could do so much to ones heart!
Aubs girl learned quickly what the snack table had on it :) Is it bad I just closed my eye's and let her have her fun? I really didn't want to know how many marshmallows and M&M's she had. Her hand was almost always up on that table :)
Have I mentioned yet how fun it was to just simply play!!!!???

The cake, of course, was a hit! I'm not sure what I would do without my friend, the cake maker! She does great work!!

Brody went to bed telling me how badly he really wanted another birthday party :) 
I don't praise God enough for this full of energy, extremely independent, stubborn, inquisitive, loves to sing at the top of his lungs, heart of gold that melts your heart to puddles in seconds, social Brody Daniel Kaelber. Thank you Jesus!!!!! Our lives would be so boring and unfulfilled without him! We are blessed!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Merry Christmas

What a great, simple, perfect Christmas we had! I've learned a huge lesson this season. A lesson I would have never learned had I not been exhausted from this pregnancy. Here is it.....Just keep things simple! I LOVED the simplicity of celebrating Jesus birth! The decorations were simple, the gifts were simple, the lessons were rich! This Christmas season was definitely successful because my kiddos (especially Brody) are walking away knowing who Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus are!!! And that is exactly why we celebrate!!!!

Going to bed on Christmas Eve. No matter how old you get the magic of Christmas Day is still so exciting!!
We aren't not believing in Santa but just kinda forgot to talk about him much this month. So B was a bit confused why some man was coming down the chimney, to eat the cookies and leave presents :) He was never frightened at the fact of Santa. He thought Santa would come in his room, wake him up, re-tuck him in. When B woke up in the morning he wanted to go to the roof to look at the reindeer ;)

Christmas morning was such a great celebration! Brody got his first tricycle!!! When he wasn't riding it around the house, Aubs girl was sitting on it :)

The kids were so excited about celebrating Jesus special day! While making the cake I was reminded why I don't make my own cakes ;)
Brody loves his bike!!!! He went on for a couple hours needing to "fix" his bike. He was some of his tools out and was working hard :)
And Brod requested staying in his jamies all day.
We had a great day!!! Anytime we all get to be home together we know is going to be a perfect day! Thankful for such a sweet family to get to celebrate with.