Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Afternoon at the park

With the high of 74 degrees today it was a no brainer B and I would spend some time at the park. The second his tiny feet hit the still dead grass.....he was off!!!!
 And really no time for face shots, too much playing with the doggies to be done!
 Truly, everywhere this boy goes....two slobbery best friends follow :)

 Stopping to's a must! :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baby girl, Snow day and Valentines day

We took a look at baby girl on Thursday and she is indeed 100% ALL girl :) YAHOO!!! We decided this time around to share her name very early, we just haven't decided on a spelling. It will be Aubrey, Aubree or Aubrie Marie :) She said her first hello to Mike last night with a nice swift kick! Oh how I love, love, love sharing those moments with him :)

We finally had a snow day here in the 'Ville last week! It was all melted by the next day, but we made sure to get out and enjoy (granted it took us longer to get bundled up then how long we were outside, but oh well!) I'm not too sure B was a huge fan of the snow and cold. But his little snow suite was stinkin adorable on him though. He looked (and felt) like a giant marshmallow. He stayed stiff not moving any of his arms and legs for a good while before he figured out he could move. But, he was warm :)

 Valentines morning B woke up with a huge smile discovering his balloon that awaited him! Still, as of today, it's his favorite toy :)
 Also he got a cute little frog that when squeezed hard enough will ribbit. I don't think we should have given him this frog on the same day as the balloon because after this quick kiss to Mr. Ribbiter, he was done with him :) Oh sweet boy! We also got B a few chocolates that I was really excited for him to try. After breakfast we got them out and as I was unwrapping one I realized, "DUH! This is a peanut butter cup, B can't have peanut butter! " Oh my. So I resorted to sharing a sucker with him that Auntie brought over later that day :) He didn't even realized what he missed out on ;)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The weight has been added!

The Brodster has a follow up weight appointment today. I was a bit nervous about what his weight would be with his feeling icky last week and just refusing to eat lately. However......the boy has put on tons of weight! In the last 9 days be packed on 6 ounces! :) I'm not sure who is feeding this kid but yay!!!! What also it could be is that lately whatever momma eats, Brody eats. He thinks it's his job in life to crawl on my lap and eat my food. Last night it was chili. I really thought he would take one bite and turn his nose up. Nope he kept chowing down as you can notice from all the sauce on his face ;)
The other day I had a huge breakthrough with B that made me feel like the best mom in the world (its true). The boy is demonstrating his independence by choosing not to eat at meal times. His favorite foods even. So frustrating! Little to say at times he was starving, but I refused to give him snacks. He has to learn, right...?? Then Monday I decided he was going to stay in his highchair till his food was gone. Poor guy didn't like that decision as he voiced his opinion loudly! I was on the verge of a mommy meltdown as I was thinking about adding another baby to the madness soon! He sat there though and finally after about 20 minutes began eating a few bites. The big breakthrough came when I just thought I will feed him myself. I grabbed one of his forks (that we've been very anxious to use because it looks like a construction truck), his face lit up, I handed him the fork and HE ATE!!!!!!!!!!!! The poor, sweet guy all he wanted to do was use utensils like he sees me and Mike using. The last two days meal times have been delightful :) Oh my stubborn, independent child, how you can bring out the worst in me but yet bring out the best in me :) Now I can hold my head up high and say confidently, "Baby girl we are ready for you!" (At least until our next hurdle with B next week ;) )

Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's a..........

GIRL!!!!!!! :)

We are 95% sure at least. At 17 weeks a bit early, however, we saw some "girly" parts :) We got some great looks at her all stretched out and kicking her sweet little legs. She's absolutely perfect and just adorable! We are thrilled to add pink, frills and ruffles to our home! Brody just can't wait to be a big, protective brother (he's going to do so great!). We will sneak in to my doctor's office after hours in a couple weeks to re-see sweet girl but we are just too confident not to say anything. So, bring on the pink! :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

hand, foot and mouth....GO AWAY!

We have been hanging out and enjoying our wonderful winter so far! In all actuality, I think we got to skip winter this year (yay!!). 60's and 70's are my kind of winter :) Brod has figured out how much he LOVES being outside. He is the happiest boy with his freedom to run around chasing the "doggies" and throwing them their ball, but when it's time to come inside.....let the tantrums begin. Today my search for a play-set has begun, he would have so much fun swinging and going down the slide :)
 Friday a very cruel and non welcomed virus entered our home! It started as a nasty looking rash on B's little bottom. Saturday morning he woke up covered in vomit and diarrhea (poor guy!). That afternoon I gave in and took him to see the doctor. She found an ear infection and tonsillitis and kinda just blew off my sons welted looking tooshy that was spreading to his legs. We left thinking we can make it till Monday till our doctor can look at him. By Monday this "rash" had spread to his legs, arms, face, hands and feet. He wasn't really eating and his sleep was terrible! We thought the kid had chicken pox for sure. But really she looked at him right away and said he had Hand, Foot and Mouth disease!! I was really disgusted by that diagnosis because I thought it was such a dirty disease. Come to find out it's pretty common amongst babies up to 5 years old! So all we can do is let it run it's course.
 Last night was the first night in 3 nights the B man has slept all night, we were very thankful! His little bumps are drying up and scabbing over nicely, we can see a full recovery coming very soon :) The whole time he was feeling cruddy I kept telling him, "I would give anything to take your symptoms away." Low and behold, I came home from work early Monday with the flu! We quickly called in backup (my sister Meghan) to help Mike take care of both B and me. What a time! So we are now both in recovery mode, oh mercy!

We see my baby doctor tomorrow and he promised we would take a look to see if we can see a little penis or little who-ha! Its a bit early (17 weeks) but we'll see ;) So stay tuned......