Monday, March 16, 2015

Surgery for Aubs

 Totally forgot to post anything about surgery day! Back in January Miss Aubrie Marie needed to have her adenoids out and tubes round 2 back in :( December she had her regular 6 month check up with the ENT and a year and half after first round of tubes her first ear infection popped up. After 2 rounds of antibiotics the ENT decided her adenoids needed to come out. How this surgery was going to be different then what she had when she only got tubes, is first is what at the hospital and second she was going to be put asleep (like breathing tube and all!). She was the cutest little patient as we got up super early in the morning, dressed her in jammies and her robe.
 As soon as the nurse brought her crayons, she was set! We sat in that chair together and colored, sang songs and snuggled. She was then given some loopy meds :) Oh my!! We have some great videos of how SILLY she became. Mike and I were rolling! Then the most un-natural moment came when I had to put my pretty little girl on the stretcher, kiss her, and watch her be rolled down the hallway. Of course I cried my eyes out!
 Surgery went well. A little longer in recovery then expected due to my drama queen holding her breath and turning blue not once but TWICE! HA! That's my Aubrie for you ;)
 Once we got home, it was tons of watching Doc McStuffins, drinking apple juice and eating jello :) Toward end of the evening she was feeling better and even felt like being the Doc herself and gave Mike a checkup ;)
Our sweet girl made a full recovery in about a week! Praise the Lord! All in time now for Parker to get tubes and unclog a tear duct next month :( Go breastfed, pureed food, non smoking kiddos and the ones needing the most help lately!

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