Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Parker Michael is 1!!!!

Our sweet baby is 1!!! How can that be!? We had such a fun time celebrating our laid back kid :) And....this was the first 1st bday party of any of my children I wasn't sick for (morning sickness!!)! Kinda nice :)
We had a few families over for lunch. Pulled pork sandwiches, chips, fruit and cake. It was 70 degrees outside and the kids played in the backyard most of the time!
Parks really wanted nothing to do with his cake. He was in disbelief that we were really letting him make a mess. I guess he doesn't enjoy being a mess because he did not enjoy having frosting on his fingers ;) Aubrie got a bit impatient....so....dove right in to his cake to show him how it was done! :)
Thats what big sisters are for!! He watched Aubs and then dove right in himself :)
Pure chaos opening gifts! Parker is smack in the middle of all that mess! ;) Each friend who brought a gift thought it was their job to open it also, ha! So sweet!
Hey! Look at that! It's a half smile from our thrilled birthday boy! Such a fun party! He had so much cake he truly had a sugar high! I felt like we drugged him actually. He was giggly, smiley and just "whatever guys" HA!!! And really no afternoon nap because of it ;)
Had to include this picture. This is BY FAR my ABSOLUTE favorite picture! I love every smile of 3 children! Especially the smile of my 1 year old! I promise he is a happy baby, and when he smiles he melts your heart! :)

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